Over 70,000 recipes on here! What?

THIS site seems like one of the best for DIY. But there’s way too many recipes!

So anyway I started mixing only about a week ago and like a true DJ I’m taking it seriously. Thing is there’s so many recipes on here. Of course I sorted the recipes by rating and made the top few. But other than that… 99.9% of the rest have none or just one 5 star rating (most likely the poster)

I’ve found myself just browsing through them as as reference, and getting ideas. I’ve created a handful of my own recipes to work on. I keep them as “private” to make notes and change / build on them as I go. As I move forward with them I’ve been keeping extensive notes so that I can dial them in and make them extra superbly delish!
Then looking through all the other recipes on here again I’m even more surprised at not only the lack of ratings but also notes and comments.

Anyway yeah that’s sort of a rant but there’s a question in there somewhere I think…

Am I alone in seeing this site more as a great platform to develop recipes privately?


70k are just the recipes you see, there are a lot more than that, hehe. I share around 20 recipes and have a couple hundred private as they arent ready for release.

More than ratings the mixer is important and we have a lot of great mixers on the site. Follow a few you think you may like and then use the recipe feed button to watch as they release new mixes. Id list some but i would forget too many…

BTW, we have IRC chat and Discord, we discuss many things in chat and once in awhile we discuss mixing too. :wink:


The recipe side does seem to get filled with wild abandon with hundreds added every day…
Like you I’m a lot slower and more methodical in building my recipes. I’ll hunt down the related pictures I want to add and run through several variations nailing down my flavor.
Usually a couple of months getting the flavors I need, testing them for strengths and fade, Recording all that and then getting down to several sessions of mixing and testing.
I don’t rate my own that way I’m not annoyed if some clown down rates it. I can only go up from zero.
About 5 public and 50 Works in Progress and another 20 down as I wanna build but need more flavors.
Custard Flavors in Fact @Ken_O_Where LOL


MMmmMM! Love me some custards! I was just thinking of making some new fruits custards, i mostly like my custards to be plain but i get curious from time to time, hehe.


You’re right - 70,000 recipes is a lot. But there are more than a million recipes in the database. The trick is to find some mixer who has a profile you like, then follow them and check out who they follow. For inspiration do some searches, and as you get more experienced, you quickly learn to recognize what you might like… :slight_smile:


You’ll soon figure out the 10-15 top mixers here and follow or just look over their builds and get ideas on how they construct, their flavor pairs and so on.
If I’m at a loss for something to mix I usually wander through one of the mixers I follow recipe list and look for something that tickles my fancy and adapt it to my own taste and available flavors in my stash.
The rest of my ideas are Food, Cooking threads and pages. If I like it as food I usually like it as a vape.


Thanks for the replies… Good to know I’m on the right track.



There are a lot of mixes that dont make it to the recipe side, here:

Many of us post our WIPs (work in progress) in that thread.

Dont hesitate to ask questions, we are always happy to help if we can.


This one I watch

and this one


Cant believe i forgot those… Thank you for posting them.


I sometimes hear people complain about ELR saying there are too many recipes but not enough good ones, some go on to say that’s why alltheflavors is better. But here’s the thing: the reason there are so many recipes is exactly why this is the place to go to! It’s alive, there are countless mixers sharing their recipes. When you look at ELR, don’t expect a ready-to-go recipe book. It’s better than that - because taste is immensely subjective and changes even more, in one person even. Just to name a few factors, the seasons can have an impact, the stuff you eat before/with/after your vape, your equipment / wattage / temp all have strong impact, MTL vs DTL, and last but not least the time since your last cancer stick (as those things kill your taste buds). As far as I have heard, your flavor perception might need years, or even 10 years to recover from your smoking, depending on how long and how much you smoked. Oh, and your age matters, as well, of course. So what does this tell us? Everyone’s taste perception is different and to get the best results you need to tweak stuff or make your own etc. A pre-made recipe is only the first step! The magic is in the juice. Enjoy!:relaxed:



…fill up the damn database till it explodes! :boom: I wanna watch. :flushed: