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Over Flavoring


Simply put, this is a common issue that we see quite often. Contrary to some mixers beliefs, over flavoring will quickly ruin most mixes.

Common side effects of over flavoring are…

    1. Over flavoring can cause muting of that flavor itself. Every flavor has a high usage limit or flavor ceiling and once you exceed that limit the flavor can turns against itself and actually get weaker instead of stronger.

    1. Over flavoring tend to cause one flavor to dominate, mute or mask other flavors in a mix.

    1. Over flavoring can result in harshness and/or an unbearable throat hit that can render your mix to be un-vapable.

    1. Over flavoring can be costly, because some flavors are expensive and using too much is just a waste and leads to an increase of the overall price of a mix

    1. Over flavoring can mutate that flavor into a flavor that it was not intended to be.

Tips to avoid over flavoring…

    1. Ask questions if you’re not sure how to use your flavors.

    1. Single flavor testing (aka SFT) and keeping good notes of your test results is one of the best methods of learning your flavors.

    1. Seeing how other mixers use flavors in mixes can help you gauge percentages and how flavors are used.

    1. When in doubt about usage percentages, just start low and work your way up if needed. It’s a lot easier to add more flavor than it is to dilute a mix.

    1. RESEARCH… Utilizing the flavors database on ELR can help you find info for nearly every flavor used for DIY. Learning to use this self help tool below can be very beneficial when researching flavors…

Feel free to amend or comment with added tips or corrections.


High flavor percentage was used in the past because the atomizers and batteries that was available back then was not as advanced as the ones we have now. Back when silica was still used as wicking material.

with recent developments in vaping technology, we dont need high percentages in flavor anymore.


Agreed but not completely. One of my favorite mixes is 24% flavor. On the other hand most mixes I come up with are under 10% flavor. It all depends on the mix :slight_smile:


I agree with all the above for 99%. I’ve used flavors that tastes like burned rubber because of too high usage and that’s not a very nice experience.

There are some flavors that are the exception though. The INW Heisenberg clone comes to mind, where a weird and ridiculous overflavoring seems to work wonders. Recently I also tried a recipe with strawberry jam with toast (SC) (RF) and it works quite well at 8 to 10% flavor.
SFT is key here. Start at very low % and work your way up to see what the usable range of the flavor is for your equipment.