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I wonder what the proper edicate might be for sharing a recipe that was not your own personal creation. I am not talking about giving credit to someone who shares a recipe that they create but more so if I mix a recipe that someone created and don’t change any of the ingredients. Would it not be better to just keep it in my own recipe file as a private recipe? Leave comments on the original if you choose to but I see no point in sharing a recipe that is already shared publicly. It is quite irritating to have to wade through copy after copy after copy of the same recipe when trying to find differences in similar recipes. Is there a right or wrong way here or am I just nit picking? What are your thoughts?


The adapt feature is wonderful, but the draw back is as you eluded, the massive amounts of duplicate recipes or near duplicate,. But even changing minuscule percentages can alter a flavor profile. Some what of a quandary I admit.


I would love it if you were not able to make duplicate recipes public. Even if you miraculously came up with a recipe that was identical to an existing recipe. If a message popped up stating that the recipe already existed and your version could only be saved as private.


Posting an under-rated recipe that you have found to be a mainstay in your arsenal/steepbox in the Forum makes sense …whether inline when on-topic, or in the “What are you Vaping Mixing Today” thread. Making it a Public Recipe makes little sense.

I think New folks might do it accidentally or somehow thinking it will show they have some kind of Street Cred in DIY. It is flagged all over those duplicate recipe posts and when trying to Publish …unsure why it still happens.


Totally agree with what @BoDarc said. Plus, I think some users mark them public so their little buddies can link to them. Apparently they haven’t figured out that keeping their new-found gem Private will work as well.


Like everyone says, post the original for folks to see, then adapt/privatize your copy so it doesn’t flood the DB.


I thought the default “Create a Recipe” automatically made them private. One would have to uncheck the box to make it public.
Makes no sense is more like it :rofl:
Kind of like folks making their SFT public!


Its like if your going to do this at least put some detailed notes about the flavour with it lol so when i look at it i have something to read.


This is a great idea, wonder though how hard it would be for @daath to code.

In my mind there is nothing wrong with having SFT public, I was ridiculed when I did it so I quit. I wonder though if it could be coded to never allow SF recipes to be seen, so the only “recipes” ever visible would be 2 or more flavors. Then use that SF information to more accurately estimate the SF %. I know about the hide SF check box, I’m more thinking to completely segregate SFT from the “recipes”.

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For the most part they’re not really helpful. You can find SF % usage in the flavor notes, which is really all an SF mix is; a preference of %.

Where it could be helpful would be as a vendor clone. Example, it seems very much like TFA Rainbow Drops is all but a dead-ringer for VapeWild’s Double Rainbow. Posting TPA RD as a SF 8.5% recipe noting it as a VW clone would have some value.

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