Overturn the FDA's ruling on ecigarette classification May 5th 2016

We The People Petition

This petition was sent to me from djlsb vapes via email.

Sorry @zigz just saw you had this on another thread.

Continuing the discussion from FDA Deeming regulations are published:


I have said this once before and maybe now people will listen. Spread this on Facebook, Google Plus, any online media that is popular. Let our voices be heard !!! By all means sign the petition, I did. Send your reps letters till they suffer from paper cuts. Call them till they’re tired of paying the phone bill. It’s now or never people !!!


Someone needs to make a youtube Video named THIS MEANS WAR.


Several reviewers are already on it.


done and done.
Such BS. Unbelievable!



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The word from the likes of CASAA is to NOT sign any of these petitions. You don’t know where they hail from, be patient and wait until the right organizations make their moves.


Uncaged is right. These petitions don’t do any good. Wait and Watch CASAA. Make sure you’re a member and donate if you can, as this is a consolidation of power by We The People.

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@Uncaged - this organization seems like a good one:

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This petition has a dot GOV designation and should be safe.

Isn’t sitting on our ass and waiting, doing nothing why we are in this mess in the first place. Everything that is happening right now we have known for well over a year and people had it in their heads that the FDA wouldn’t do such a thing and that Casaa would be our savior. Last I heard is Casaa’s following with their petitions and other avenues were less than 400000 people. This is gonna take a lot more people than that. There are millions of vapers out there. They don’t even know what is happening cause they don’t watch the Vape World as we do. They will finally realize what is happening when all the Vape Shops and Ejuice is gone. They’ll know when they find out that they can not buy equipment or get coils or parts for their Vapes. These people MUST be informed. Casaa can not do everything for you people. It is also up to you to get the word out and social media is the way to do it. Government only listens to the MASSES. Don’t kid yourself, they don’t care about 400000 people…


I was told by a fellow vape store owner last night that petitions are not enough. He says the only real way to fight this is to donate to the most reliable political group that is fighting for vape rights in your own state.

In the scheme of corrupt politics, we know this is all about money anyway. Crooks in government wanting more free money by robbing it from a new innovative market…

I’m actually gonna disagree with the official CASAA line on this. The petition does no harm. It’s hosted on whitehouse.gov and is an official form of communication with the President, however weak it may be.

They have a good point that it is not as effective as writing or calling your congress reps, but to say that people shouldn’t sign those petitions is ridiculous.


I can’t get behind that idea of paying the cartel to not come once a month and roll you on your store floor. No thanks.

This will be fun to watch!

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Yes I still signed, maybe I should have said, it also helps to work with your state government officials. You don’t have to donate and I know that if things don’t go our way it won’t matter anyway. It’s just like prohibition, the more people say we cannot vape, the more we will do to keep on vaping. FDA, F’ing Dumb Asses!!!


That’s a link to CASAA’s email form. Quick and easy form letter to your Congress and House rep and to the president.

Slightly more effective than the petition, and just as quick and easy. Info provided at the end of the form for following up with a phone call if you want to try.

The more noise we make the better.



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Yes, my thoughts exactly. To actually think Casaa is enough is also foolish. Just as the propaganda passed around against Vaping, so should we fight. We have to get even the non vapers involved in this. They need to know that their friends and family members who smoke have a life saving alternative to smoking and the FDA is banning it. They need to know of the jobs the FDA just killed. This shit just can’t be kept to ourselves waiting for someone else to fix this for us. It will take everyones participation…

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You’re not getting it at all … countless petitions to date have done NOTHING … you keep signing them thinking that’s doing your big bit there. They get binned before they even reach anyone in any kind of power. And CASAA is just an example, I’m not saying do as they say, I’m saying don’t be signing every random mickey mouse petition you come across because someone online said it’ll do something. The more random half-assed petitions being scatter filled across the net, the more of a shitty mess it looks.

I suggest daily letters…lol. Only laughing thinking of daily letters to our reps from thousands of people. Ahhhh, the life of a rebel…

My friend, I’m not preaching petitions. Though I agree that it won’t hurt, I have in the past and most definitely now, am preaching the use of social media and participation with Casaa as well. Remember, social media got a inexperienced Illinois Senator elected President…

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