Oxidized Nicotine - What to do?

So lately a few of my batches have come out with a peppery tone. Not bad, but it is there. All suggestions say that my nic has oxidized. It’s kept in a dark place and I’m using high quality CXT (Carolina Extract) nic. I will reorder more.

Question #1 - is there a mix i could do or a flavor that can tone this down to avoid tossing 50ml of nic. Perhaps a sweet fruit mix?

Question #2 - What is the prefered method of extending the live of 100mg - PG nicotine. I have kids, so it will not go in the fridge or freezer? Would transferring what I know will not be used in a few months to a smaller bottle, thus reducing exposure work?

Any suggestions would be appreciated?

This just sux when it happens to my knowledge there isn’t a trick for oxidized Nicotine batches they’re gone. Nicotine is gone too. But your second question is dead on for keeping your Nicotine fresh and longer lasting. Break it down into 50 ml / 30 mls bottles to reduce it being exposed to air. I realize the children factor but being we’re headed into cooler times anyway it’ll stay fine just in a cool dark drawer. I rarely ever put my Nicotine in the fridge/ freezer and it’s always fine.

You know I’ve never tried this but in a pinch I am curious if a few drops of Vape Wizard FA or Smooth TFA in your actual Nicotine bottle ( not the batches ) would reduce the pepperiness until you get your new supply ? I wouldn’t go making anything large with it but a couple 10 mls maybe a few SnVs so you can test it right off the bat ? Good Luck nonetheless !


Yup. Smaller bottles for sure. A 30 ml bottle last me a very long time since I mix at 1.5mg nic. So if I couldn’t use the freezer I would probably do a 15ml bottle.

If you wanted to be more technical I think some people have used something like nitrogen to replace the oxygen. They make simple home kits for people who make wine and such.

As for recipes…that’s tough imo with peppery nic. Dark flavors may work best Like chocolates and coffees. If anything try and add nic just prior to vaping.

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Yup, gotta keep that nic protected. And the smaller bottles do help extend the life, no doubt.

As for saving what you have… the only flavor I’ve found that masks that awful peppery note is hardcore Menthol and Peppermint.

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I always buy a 50ml or 100ml bottle of Nic for this very reason, I have no way to keep large amounts fresh for long periods of time and don’t mix huge amounts so it makes sense to buy just enough for what you need

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Only thing I can think of is maybe try some TPA Smooth. Problem is if it works it will also mute the flavor in your mix. I have never tried this so just think of it as a experiment to see if it works. Truth be told I have never heard of any solution to oxidized Nic. Go easy on the smooth, not too much…

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Yikes. Peppermint. Just the thought of that sounds like punishment. */waits to see the video where some fool vapes pepper spray… * /sigh

Sorry for your loss, but yeah, once nic has gone to the pepper stage, it’s pitched IMO. I bought some cheap ass nic from a local vendor to get me by in a pinch while I was waiting on an Internet order to arrive once, and it was oxidized. Fortunately I only bought 10ml. Never used it beyond the 5ml test batch I made with it, and waited for the online stuff to arrive.

Personally, if you’re going to be maintaining any reasonable kind of stock on Nicotine, I strongly recommend the freezer. Breaking it down into smaller bottles is a plus too, so you’re only exposing what you need as you go. Even with kids, there’s ways around it (IMO).

A $20 all metal gun safe (with key) will nicely allow for both 15ml and 30ml bottles to be placed inside, locked & secure, and then you can place that into a Ziploc gallon bag, and even if that gets pulled out of the freezer and dropped, any broken glass would be contained inside the metal housing, and any liquid would remain inside the sealed bag.

I can’t see any reason why folks can’t be safe and practical at the same time.


@Koadog I think you may have mentioned last night that you do 12mg. If you even remotely think it may be time to drop that down, then using less in your juices would reduce the peppery notes. If that’s not an option and it’s bothering you…and if you don’t want to try the suggestions of Vape Wizard, mints, chocolates or coffees, then maybe just cut your losses and order more and then be more determined in your approach to keep it fresh. But before doing that I would make sure the nic is indeed the problem. Make a small batch of base liquid without nic or flavors and vape a little. If that’s fine, add the nic. If that tastes fine then your nic may not be the problem.


Actually this is a very good idea. Let me add that if you reduce in increments of only 2mg you will likely not even notice the change. That is how I went from 18mg to 2mg. 2mg drop per 100ml of juice…One more thought, if you are using Subohm equipment then make that 1 mg drop per 100 mls…


When you reorder ship via USPS Priority for the couple extra bucks. Then it’ll spend a day on a plane and not a week on a tractor trailer. Heat is your enemy …and oxygen and light and time (and curious kids!).

The best advice above is fill a bunch of smaller bottles so as many as possible can be exposed to as little oxygen the longest. Let’s say you buy a Liter …split it into 3 X 240ml brown glass with polycone caps (720mls) 2X120mls (240mls) and the rest into a couple 30 mls (one with a polycone cap and one with a dropper). I use small plastic “ammo” boxes from Harbor Freight ($4) and they have a padlock hole.

Any kind of airtight, light-proof box should keep 'em all safe and sound especially if you can put a small lock on it. Just refill your smallest dripper bottle (30ml) from the next biggest size (120ml?) as you consume… the idea being the majority is sealed the longest without exposure to air. for example when a 120ml is only half full, pour that off again into two 30ml bottles. Oh and I also don’t refrigerate my nic

Not pepper spray but I wouldn’t try this either!

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Yeah, I posted that quite sometime back!
(That’s actually what inspired my comment)

PS: I tried to find that post, but I can’t recall the thread, nor did I have any luck searching for it.

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You may also wish to buy a small lock box that you can put in the fridge.