Pachamama "Sorbet" 50mg Salts

This was one of the 30mL bottles of salts I added to my last order, figuring the fruit-salad & ice combo would be a palette-cleanser from the creamy/dessert flavours I usually vape.

Upon wicking my RDA with fresh new cotton to clear out the Yogi Granola & Honey or Killar Custard I’d tried first I’ve dripped the dual coils up nice and drenched, set my power to 30W, hit the fire button and started sucking.

Not even 25% into filling my lungs, they crack the shits and I’m coughing my fuckin head off - coughing to the point my lungs started hurting and my head started pulsing.

Ever since then the same thing has been repeated though I’ve found that if I’m willing to put-up with spluttering my way through the first two hits, the proceeding ones aren’t so bad though there’s still no predicting whether any particular hit will trigger uncontrollable coughing again.

This wasn’t the nicotine strength either: by the time I’d tried vaping the Sorbet my tolerance had already adjusted to dripping 50mg and this was the only juice that gave me shit.
Felt like they’d used 50mg freebase nicotine instead of salt and this 30mL bottle has been just in the cupboard since - untouched.

Fast-forward to the present: I’m standing at my kitchen windowsill a little while ago mixing some custard in a 100mL bottle of plain VG so I can chuck it in cupboard to start steeping for whenever I get around to doing more with it and I decide I’ll dilute that shitty bottle of Sorbet down with glycerine while I’m there- the flavour itself is great you see, it’s just unvapable at full concentration straight out the bottle and not because of the 50mg/mL salts like I said - the other three 30mL bottles of salts (the afforementioned Killar Custard and Yogi Granola plus a bottle of lacklustre but perectly vapable Cuban Blend from Naked100) all went in smooth and fine without any issue.

So I cut this Pachamama Sorbet down from 50mg/mL to 20mg/mL with 100/0 VG/PG, and am shocked to find that not only is it now vapable, the flavour is incomparably better than it was undiluted…

Couple of days ago I used some of the Yogi Granola & Honey in my Maple Waffle, ice-cream & nuts DIY juice because it imparts a lovely, quiet note of honey to the maple (which I’ve had issues with because I couldn’t get the maple dominant no matter what % I tried, so was looking for other flavours to compliment and enrich said maple) which has had the desired result - the richer sweetness of the honey boosting the maple and the slightest hint of the granola adding a little more to the waffle roundness or whatever.

Anyone else find commercial salt juices are SO strongly flavoured you can actually use the juice itself as a flavour additive?

I mean I only added 1-2mL of the Yogi Granola to around ~60mL of the Maple Waffles juice I’ve been playing with and even at that low amount it managed to tint the DIY juice very effectively, and the sorbet - mixed down at 20mL Sorbet with 30mL Glycerine still tastes like fully flavoured juice - tastes like it probably should’ve undiluted @ 50mg…

Yeah, tastes great now: super fruity and sweet.

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Good evening.

I noticed your post as this was one of the few liquids I would still occasionally buy pre-mixed (not even a one-shot), back when I started to mix my own solutions again after taking a break. This was because it was one of the few solutions that came anywhere close to my own, at least in terms of flavour.

I know what you mean about the flavour being strong, but I actually only found the ‘sweet spot’ with a pre-built mesh coil (0.15 ohm Sector coil for the Falcon 2 TPD) and the flavour only really POPPED at a staggering 70W. Yup you read right, seventy watts. My lungs are still quite sensitive if I compared to some of the heavier smokers I have met in my life, yet despite this and using a coil that still reigns supreme over most RDAs for FLAVOUR; I have never found it unbearable even at a wattage way higher than 30watts.

I think it is worth pointing out that I was buying the liquid without nicotine, not as a one-shot and not the salt nic version of Pacha Mama’s ‘Sorbet’ - 50ml. The salt nic version would be much stronger than the standard one and would be designed specifically for a salt nic set up.
Whether this be an RBA/RDA/RDTA build or pre-built coil set up, you really need to make sure you are buying/building mouth to lung type coils rather than sub ohm ones (over 1.0 ohm, I would recommend 1.8 ohm personally). I am not very well experienced with building sub ohm coils yet, at least I wouldn’t take my advice on building them anyway, but I would definitely recommend switching to them for this (and any other) ‘salt nic’ versions of commercial e-liquids.
Lastly, the wattage you should be using should really be in the 12-18watts range, using an MTL coil/build. I have a Kayfun Lite 2019 tank and it is by far the best MTL experience for me.

If you are really chasing the FLAVOUR of the liquid and it’s not the strength or throat hit that you are looking for (so if you don’t actually require the liquid to be salt nic based), why not buy the original/regular ‘Sorbet’ by Pacha Mama in the 50ml size, douze the wick on your regular sub ohm build with it, and stick your mod all the way up to 75w if you fancy, but definitely past 60w. That’s my personal advice from someone with plenty of past experience with this liquid in particular.

Sorry if this was long winded but I felt like you deserved such a niche question to be given a decent explanation, as it’s likely to save you the odd few quid in future. Not to mention save your poor old lungs!!! You only get one pair of them mate!

PS) I really recommend buying a Falcon 2 tank from Horizontech JUST for this liquid alone. Seriously I get what you’re saying about this liquid and by God have I tried to replicate it myself and there’s something that I simply cannot work out with my DIY attempts at cloning PM’s Sorbet. Perhaps you can give this a go and repay the favour by posting your own sorbet on ELR for everyone, as I am pretty sure you’re appreciating the same signature notes as me.

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I really think I should add this, now that I have thought of it: are you absolutely sure you haven’t picked up a small bottle of Pacha Mama’s CONCENTRATE, rather than the regular or salt nic versions of it? I was not aware that they had made a one shot for sorbet but I am certain that PM has their latest releases available as one shots/super concentrated to be diluted with Pg/VG - DIY style. I would double check this.

One love,

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