Paingawd here! How about another update?

Greetings, all of you beautiful peoples! It’s your humble vagabond, paingawd(AKA Greg), here with another update of how topsy turvy my life is at the moment. I’ll warn you now-This is going to get all sorts of mushy, simply because you are some of the most generous, loving, kind-hearted and just all around awesome people of which I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting.

As you all know, my home(and a LOT of others) was destroyed in the Camp Fire(It’s not a name I’d have chosen, but what do I know?) So many of you have reached out, wanting to know if the family and I were safe, how to help, offering prayers, positive thoughts and just generally wishing well on yours truly. With all of the stress, grief, anger(Rake a forest? SERIOUSLY?) confusion and despair…Well…I lost it. Went wonky in the noggin. Hooked a hard left into a figurative wall. All mental and emotional faculties went into a fetal position, hooked a thumb into their mouths and decided to wait this one out. Stress is a harsh mistress and the breakup is a bitch(Pardon the salt in my language, please. I promise to keep it PG-13) Thankfully a brother from another mother managed to give me the verbal headslap that I needed to get back in the game.

Things are looking up. It ain’t pretty, but it will work-kinda like my old, trusty rusty Ford pickup. Hell, if that stout machine can run through fire and flame, cough out a couple of goobers from its throat and keep on rolling down the road, then I shall endeavor to do the same! It’s because of the kindness and generosity of a LOT of people that I’ve never met face to face-namely, you. Yes, you. The one reading this right now. All of your care, concern, and overwhelming kindness and generosity have lifted me up and have given me the strength I so desperately needed to get back into the fight for my family, friends and community both here in (what was and will be again) Paradise and here on ELR. When I opened the email from @Alisa , I was floored that you all had put together a donation for me. I’m floored. Gobsmacked. Dumbfounded. Agog. Bewildered, befuddled and more. There are no words(Are you sure about that? You just used a whole slew of’em….) that could even BEGIN to express how honestly and sincerely touched I am.

Blessed? Blessed.Abso-effing-loutely. That’s the word. I am blessed.

Blessed to have “The kindest place on the internet” at my side, ready, willing and jumping in to help. Thank you, from the depths of my heart. You are all my family. Brothers and sisters, all.

There are so many messages that I want to answer and will, but it might take a day or two. Things are still moving quick-We’ve gotten a trailer on loan from family and are in the process of getting it mucked out and kitted to our needs. We’ve secured fencing for the cats so that they can be safely allowed outdoors. It’s gonna get crowded with a tubbo like me, the dainty lady and ten cats in a trailer, so a little room for them to stretch their legs and poop in the dirt is kind of important. We’ve begun the arduous process of rebuilding our lives. Save for a few minor hiccups, things are starting to look up.

I’ve gotten more than a few requests as to what I need, or what can people send. @fidalgo_vapes has graced me with a new rebuild kit for my RTA’s, @Woftam went further overboard and ordered me a new Steam Crave Titan with Aromamizer Supreme to boot, and @SessionDrummer just slayed me with a Fatality. Holy Shitsnacks, Batman! I’m flabbergasted. @Mjag let me know that a slew of others wanted to know what I still needed, so as weird as it makes me feel, I thought that maybe a list of what I’ve got and what I prefer to vape would let people know where I sit with regards to gear.(OK, real talk. I’m always the one that gives-It feels abundantly awkward when people are wanting to help me. Then again, I’ve never been in a situation like I’ve found myself…So…yeah. Awkward. But I still love you all!) I was prescient enough to grab my mod, my charger and batteries and toss them into a bin with the Chromebook, a bottle and a half of some juice and some other minor items(I was going to be mixing the day that the fire broke) With the current items that are coming, I think that I should be set for gear. If you’ve got some spare juice, I’d love some homebrewed goodness. I’ve been buying the cheapest juice I can find in town and I’d forgotten just how overloaded with flavorings and sweeteners those things were!(Pro tip: Naked 100 juice is like vaping some nasty granny’s perfume. Not. Recommended.) I’ve been vaping 3 mg since The Troubles and tend towards fruit creams, bakery flavors and dark tobaccos. If you’ve got a favorite recipe along those lines and would like to share, I’d be thrilled, honored and thankful. I typically vape around 45-65 watts with my Trusty Aromamizer(The Billows went up in flames, so I guess they billowed for the last time?) @Alisa has my contact info-We talked earlier today(HINT: She’s awesome!) and she gratefully agreed to act as a keeper of the sacred address. If you hit one of us up via PM we’ll get it to you.

All of you are so very special to me. If there is EVER anything that I can help you with, ask and I will move mountains to make it happen if I can. If I can’t, I’ll stand with you with a hug, a shoulder or a cheesy movie quote. Cross your arms and squeeze: a HUGE hug from me-Cheers!


Good to hear from you, it’s times and actions like this that restore my faith in Human Kind. Stay safe and be well :hugs:


It’s great to hear from you again. Hopefully nothing but uphill from now on for you. I’m sorry I couldnt help with anything but prayers. Good luck to you and your family.


Good to hear that things are getting better, you have the generous people here who are always happy to help. Stay safe and be well.


I am sure you will put it all to good use mate - as you go through your DM you will also notice that @Nicotine_River kicked in a coupon for $250 to get you back mixing and @ecigexpress kicked in a $30 coupon, some to the gofundme and a stash of PIF flavours (please drop them a DM when you get the chance).

If you want to drop a list on me I can pass it on to some of the peeps that have contacted me asking for an idea of what you need.

Don’t worry brother we have your back.

Oh and the Aromamizer Supreme is actually a Plus so you can lap up the goodness of @SthrnMixer 's Berry Creamy


I’m glad to hear that you are getting at least some semblance of your life back.
Glad I could have been of some little assistance to get you back on your feet.


Stay strong, I have to say that I’m proud to be part of this community.
I’m on the other side of the world, but made a small contribution to the gofund me.
I hope you manage to get to something resembling normal ASAP.


Ooorah @paingawd, ooorah…


So very happy to hear you’re pulling through and looking up. I know what it’s like to curl up and shut the world out, and it’s OK for a bit. We all need to go to the zoo sometimes. Keep moving forward brother. I wish you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving.


This will be far more useful to Greg than if I were to send some of my recipes, trust me. We’re all keeping an eye out for that list.

Glad to see you back, even if only briefly for now. Stay strong, brother!


Thinking about you @paingawd. Package on the way…


I’m glad all of you are ok! It’s good to hear you getting back on your feet so quickly!


Thank you for taking time out of your crazy, overwhelming world right now to touch base with us. I just can’t fathom how awful this has all been for you. I so wish Sean and I were rich so we could help you more.

Anyhow, keep your chin up. Oh, and sending a package to you today with 4 bottles of juice and some odds-n-ends that might come in handy. * * Hugs **


@paingawd do you have a preferred vg/pg ratio? I mix with 3mg nic in vg so my mixes come in a little under 3mg depending on pg ratio, but I would gladly send you some juice!


Real glad things are looking brighter. Hopefully the momentum will pick up speed and all this shit will fade into nothing more than a story to tell the grandchildren.

Now onto the more extremely serious concern…
You have 10 cats? Not one. Not two-- but TEN fucking cats?? All grooming themselves and spreading that deadly lung-seizing, phlegm-inducing cat dander into the atmosphere? That’s horrible!! And if you ever need to thin the heard I have some re-loads that need testing! :sunglasses:


Whoops! Forgot that in my furry of fingers. I typically use 70/30. A little thicker is no trouble, but the Aromamizer doesn’t play well with anything under 70% VG


Amen to that!


EVERYTHING helps my brother, everything. From a silent prayer, thought or a hug to opening of whatever resources one has at their disposal. Please believe me when I say that your contribution in whatever form is graciously accepted.


Reached out to @Nicotine_River last night/early this morning, but I had totally missed @ecigexpress’s generous contribution! I’ll send them a DM here in a minute, but want to publicly thank the vendors as well as the generous people here. I’m still dazed, to be honest.

@SthrnMixer’s Berry Creamy is THE only full bottle of juice I had left-I tried to stretch it out but after smelling a burning cigarette from a few doors down, I drained the bottle I had in an effort to not go buy a pack of smokes. That recipe is sheer awesomeness!


Thank you! What was that line in Suicide Squad? Normal is just a setting on the dishwasher. It’s love, family and friends near and far that make everything right. We’ll be alright-A little shaken, fairly dirty and tired from the tears, but we will move forward. :hugs: