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Paingawd here! How about another update?


Oh, brother-Thank you so very much for the clapton wire! I truly appreciate the gift.

I’m sorry that I never knew about your trouble last year. Had I known, I would have jumped in to help however I could. We’ve got the most awesome, kind and loving people here, and I am HONORED to call every one of them family-Including you.

As soon as I’ve got a build kit(One’s on it’s way-WOO!) and a minute to build, I’ll definitely do so!


I would gladly sends some as well but Royal Mail would charge me a fortune from the UK.


A quote for the Season! At Christmastime we remember “it is better to give than receive…” At Thanksgiving? “No matter the miles between us, We have room at the Table…”

Happy Thanksgiving!


Was just texting with @paingawd and he is still running around like crazy but feels like he is making progress which is great to hear. He wants everyone to know how blessed and grateful he is for all the help and will get back on here to express that when things settle down a bit.

I didn’t want to bother him too much, know how stressful and time consuming what he is going through but asked if I could post an update and he said yes, please. To everyone who helped, even with just well wishes, he has not forgotten and is extremely grateful.


Nice to hear, Im proud to be a member of such a great place …


Dittos …


Hey @mjag, any new updates on @paingawd? It’s been a couple weeks since any word of him… I was just thinking of him with Christmas right around the corner and all… I hope he and his family are well…


I haven’t heard from him but that is to be expected, what there going through and the Christmas rush must have them running around like crazy.

If I hear from him I will update here and will reach out around Christmas Eve to wish them a Merry Christmas from there ELR family.