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Pall Mall tobacco flavor


Hello :slight_smile: I am fairly new here. I have been searching recipes and have mixed a few and had great results. My husband and I have been quit smoking for almost 2 months thanks to vaping :smile: My sister wants to do the same, but she wants to start with her familiar Pall Mall Light 100 flavor-ish :wink: If anyone could help me find a tobacco flav concentrate I would greatly appreciate. I have yet to purchase a tobacco flavor for mixing yet ( even though I have over 100 flavors haha) and I am trying to decide what to get. I have seen a lot of the RY4 and golden rollie in recipes. Ok, so ty in advance and I will stop rambling lol. Really liking this site so far!!! :grin:


I found this concentrate here that you could try. I’ve read myfreedomsmokes was selling a concentrate called tall mall which was supposed to taste like the real pall mall light but I looked at their website and couldn’t find it.


Awesome!! Thanks so much, will add this to my next order. I was searching and couldn’t find one :smiley:


pal mal or paul maul?



I meant for pronunciating purposes, good to see you again though!


From what I’ve read on each ingredient, if you want a dark smokey “real” cigarette sensation. RY4 or RY4DOUBLE may not be what your looking for. There more of a Carmel/ Vanilla Tobacco taste if that makes sense. Here’s one with some Concentrates that are more Dark Tobacco ashy like. You can check out this link and click on each individual Concentrate in the recipe then scroll down and look for"Notes" and have a read of opinions of each person on there interpretation of that particular ingredient. And just see if they might seem appealing.
I’m by know means a pro,semi pro, I’m just a virgin !! At DIY. But I read & mix & learn. GL to you on y’all’s journey. There’s great, helpful geniuses here that are always willing to help us all out. It’s not “Pall Mall” per say but maybe of some assistance to you.


Those unfiltered ones were the best! Smooth almost fruity flavored smoke.


when we first started vaping we were vaping american lites by a rebrander presuming it was an american version of marlboro reds, i believe it was just TPA western so could give that a try


No no no no…Paul wall lol


I am curious to ask you. What or which ones gave the good results? Also am curious to know what the set up is that you are using for the cig-tobacco vaping. Is it MTL? How much wattage, what’s the atty? Rebuildable or factory mfg coils? if rebuildable then: single coil or dual? , single contact winds or fancy trick coils?

…if you sound like you are in the MTL range of things then I would suggest you try some NETs. I have a few that are pure tobacco / leaf, and might fit the bill for a converting cig smoker. I recall Pall Malls were a pure tobacco leaf experience, and actually a very high quality product, I think I have some extracts that are in that realm. Of course, vaping un-combusted tobacco is never going to be the same flavor experience as a lit cig, but you might be interested to try the NET experience anyway, just for comparisons sake, just so you know what is available. Would be happy to send you a 4ml sample or two to try.



wall paul? paul wall? mall paul?


Pronounced “PaL- Mall”
I believe, I’ve always pronounced Paul MaLL
Flavor: Shit
Density: Runny


sorry if my post was misleading… i have not actually mixed any tobacco flavors yet, just some fruity and creamy coffees and such… i have ordered a few tobacco flavors now and will be experimenting soon :smiley:


Thanks for all the suggestions and info… very helpful:+1: :slight_smile: I just placed an order last night and will be trying to mix some tobacco flavs soon ! :relaxed:… will let you know how they turn out.


Any will do lol I lived in southern Indiana for a long time and everyone down there says pell mell, felt like I was gonna have a stroke every time I heard it lol