Panties in your laundry, or I plucked a Daisy [not Daisy Duke]

I plucked a daisy
From my garden soil
Didn’t fold it in my bible
Or wrap it in foil

I sang the mantra
Pulled each petal loose
Now I think I’ll trust
The meaning of it’s use

You love me
You love me not
Most people are simply
Just full of snot

The world is destined
And seems it’s the will
Like a snowball rolling
Towards hell rapidly downhill

I love all the sinners
The saints have their place
I just wish the fools
Would stay out of my face

A love to be shared
Is so righteous indeed
We should focus our care
On the truly in need

You deem that you care
For friends all around
Yet jump to conclusions
Before truth can be found

Look deep inside
For faults of your own
Before you get hasty
And cast the first stone



{{{Ozo}}} glad to see you’re feeling poetic

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click-bait, I was expecting another panty dropper type recipe.


He says NOT Daisy Duke… But then posts a vid of this generation’s Daisy Duke!! Lol

Mmmmmm Carrie Underwood!
Hubba Hubba! :laughing:


my favorite verse. Brilliant.