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Panty Dropper - Award Winning Recipe - You'll LOVE it!


Watch me make the award winning “Panty Dropper” Recipe. Here’s a link to the measurements.
Below the video is a link to all the measurements.
Hope this helps!

Rayon VS Cotton - One to rule them all

This is a good recipe.
I found myself dripping the Sweet Strawberry to 3.5% and adding TFA Strawberry Ripe at 6%.

A lovely vape.


Still one of my ADV’s


How is he shake and vaping this 8%! TFA VBIC! Does 1% or .3ml (30ml) EM immedietly mask the Pepper taste. Would 10% CAP sweet strawberry not steep out into a chemical syrup mess? I have SF tested CAP SW at 12%, results were not pleasant. Would EM mask that as well? Did he just not just contaminate the f*** out of all his flavorings. He dipped the cake batter “wand” into the VBIC. A quick rinse surely would not remove Capella Cake batter, it is strong AF. Blehhh. He shook it with his thumb and no lid? Why… Lol this video made me laugh and i disagree with almost eveeything he did and used. To each his own i guess…


How many drops of rohypnol per ml?


I use CAP :wink:


why was his nic not at all clear? It was like an amber color…


Oxidized either from being exposed to air, heat or sunlight


Rember what he said at the begining of the video WHEN I HAD MY EJUICE LINE…THAT SAYS IT ALL LOL


Lol i forgot to mention his nic, it looked like he kept rusty nails in there. He kept it in his garage where sunlight obviously oxidized the hell out of it


wouldnt he also need a little bit of pg?? his ratio is 70/30 and flave total is 25 plus he eye balled the vg smh , and waht award was won i want to win an award lol


It’s the best is class garage mixer award


Pg nic probably.

Edit: yep if he used 50mg pg nic it would come to70/30


Most oxidized nic of 2016 award


Video makes us all look like garage mixers.


I use a barrel in the backyard and a broken oar to mix it all


Ever try mixing with your very own wand? GF loves the taste


That’s wrong but fucking funny lol


I mixed up some of this a few days ago, and even though I left out the brown nicotine because I didn’t have any, panties dropped for miles around me. I would’ve left a comment sooner, but I’ve been busy…


I can see you clear as day mixing that liquid in an old barrel over an open fire of course stirring with your algae covered oar. Classic witch"s brew. Maybe you could make an ELR exclusive video this weekend?