Panty Dropper?

Any of you tried panty dropper -vape lovely.The recipe is listed here on ELR.Unless i done something way wrong this really taste bad to me. I was looking through you tube a couple of weeks ago and stumbled across this video of supposedly a great diy recipe.Stupid as i sometimes can be and trusting a you tube video that sounded great i bought all the flavors and mixed up some.It is really bad in my opinion.I know we all have different likes and if anyone has a different opinion please chime in and let me know what i did wrong.I mixed it up just like the recipe says…Thanks,Karey

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Did you steep it at all? What exactly is the problem with the flavor? Is it too sweet, Harsh/bitter taste? Do any of the flavors stand out or can you even discern what it is when tasting? After looking at it I’d steep it no less than 14 days, I as a rule don’t use ethyl maltol in anything. I know some say it adds depth and sweetness to flavors, the juices I’ve tasted with it haven’t really been able to figure out what difference it made. I have made a couple where I sub’d cotton candy to add a little sweetness to it. Lastly personal taste only I prefer the TPA Marshmallow over the Cap. Hope this helps out a little

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That was the first recipe I made as well it wasn’t exactly what I expected but it wasn’t that bad imo. I think the only problem is way to much vbic in it and it needs a good steep of 2-3 weeks before it tastes better. After steeping I found that it tasted like a Strawberry ripple ice cream, if the Ethyl was removed and replaced with 3 drops of Pyure Liquid Stevia for the 30ml and probably dropping the VBIC to like 3.5% it would be an option er all better SnV.

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This one?

Too much flavoring for my taste, but I use a different brand of VBIC, so take this when a grain of salt when I say I’d at least back both the SS and VBIC by 2% each. I’d also ditch the EM, and most importantly give it a week or two before passing serious judgement.

And look at that, pretty much everything @Code-Vape just said. I type too slow.

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Haha and I forgot to say drop the Strawberry to 8% lol so I guess we are both on the same page.

That’s not the original recipe his is a 30/70 and less VBIC

My bad @zigz you are correct that is the recipe!

This mix has been steeping for over 2 weeks and hasn’t helped at all.I always thought shake and vape meant you could make it,shake it up and vape it.Taste like a mix between plastic and soured vanilla.Anyways,i suppose this is enough time to pass serious judgement! It still taste really bad z-man.I really wished it didn’t.

I wish you all could taste this…

Strawberry Ice Cream Sandwich Gmix :

7% (Flavor Base) Strawberry (Gmix)
2% Cookie (Biscotto) (FA)
0.5% Cream Fresh (FA)
1% Vanilla (MF)
2% Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA)

Flavor total: 12.5%
Remember to rate it at:

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I just figured it out it’s the Cake Batter that is making it taste the way it is! I just made a recipe with the cake batter and it has the same taste as the Panty Dropper (horrible imo) but I’m going to let it steep and see what it tastes like in a week!

Could be. Several people complained in the notes for that flavor in the db saying it has a strong chemical bite to the flavor especially over 2%. So in addition to backing of the SS and VBIC by 2% I’d suggest backing off the cake batter by 1%.

There’s one thing that is really hard to wrap a brain around, that a flavor could be good, but taste really bad when there’s too much of it. But it’s true! Overstimulation of a taste/smell receptor freaks the brain out.

A lot of the flavors we love will honest-to-god taste like vomit or feces when too concentrated. It’s a lot like the difference between a ripe and a rotten flavor.

And it is all subjective. I’m sure there’s someone out there with dull enough taste buds that the original recipe is perfect for them. And there some folks out there who won’t like any recipe with X flavoring in it, and no amount of steeping will matter. So it goes.

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I would remove the CB entirely!

Well this is weird I just tried my recipe that I made last night and it doesn’t taste as bad as it did last night lol but those flavor notes of the cake batter are still there but not as bad.

@rks959 if want a good SNV that gets even better over time I’m going to suggest my Stellar Strawberry and if you don’t have all the flavors there is a gentleman that commented what he substituted to make it work for him.

I’m gonna give it another shot today without the cake batter,just use the same amounts of everything else and i’ll definitely post the results.Got a feeling i’m gonna need all this DIY information,i got the VCMT 30mm rta in this week and i love it but man does it suck up some juice.Thanks for all you guys and gals help!! Thanks Again,Karey

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So how did it turn out?
I would have dropped the VBIC.

I haven’t made it yet.I will make it soon and let you know.I really appreciate the help.I got in some Northwest vg from ecigexpress and have been playing with it.Cream and strawberry and so far its pretty damn tasty.Thanks,Karey

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If you didn’t already know, Northwest VG is a relabel of Real Flavors. If you want to share your opinion about any of the flavors that you’ve ordered in this thread I bet folks would love to hear what you think of them. :slight_smile: