Parkinson's Disease

Hello, I go by CosmicTruth and I have been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. I’m not 100% convinced that is what I really have but…
If you want to know what my symptoms are, or you have any questions about my experience with my Parkinson’s symptoms. Feel free to post questions here, or send a PM. I feel a need to help you if you are wondering what it is like for me. And maybe you can help me cope with what I’m going through.
I like this song and want to share it with you as it kinda describes my main symptom…

Pink Floyd “the Wall”


How are you doing today? I hope you’ve been getting more rest.


Hang in there and do not stop your exercises, your not alone.


Hi hope your doing well, do not know much about parkinson, i think i saw somewhere tha nicotine was helping whit it, one of the effect that is not said often, keep it up ! We are here Today , Most impotant thing i learned from cancer experience of my wife. Happyness exist only in the present!


Yep, although much research still needs to be done, their is a strong believe that nicotine is beneficial in fighting parkinson. Worth checking into i guess especially with al the methods in which we can get nicotine. From food to vaping, but also al the quit smoking products. Yo could use nicotine patches or gum to help with parkinson


I woke up, and got out of bed today, So I’m happy, I slept about 5 hours, from about 8:00 until 12:13AM. I forced myself to stay in bed the rest of the night. My wife slept next to me, so I kept quiet so she wouldn’t stir, she snores so I knew she was asleep. I watched an amazing documentary about Voyager 1 & 2 at low volume, watched it 2 times… I don’t want to keep rambling, so i’ll go on th the next Q

It’s important to me to get out of bed and stand upright, it does something with the gravity’s effect on my blood. I’ve worked my exercise from that to being able to shuffle across the living room, and now I can walk pretty well again, I hope to never stop exercising. I can tell by your name BrotherBob that you know the real reason (or penalty) of not at least getting upright daily.

IDK much about Parkinson’s either, but I’m writing notes, So I might be able to tell you something about it tomorrow. I do know 1 thing for sure, I wish Mr Parkinson would have kept his disease to himself. My father was stressed and smoked 1 pack a day through his whole life till he died as I remember at age 52. I fell off the wagon and swiped 3 ciggs from a friend, smoked rapidly 2 of them (strictly for medicinal value), and it removed my stress. Hope you forgive me for that but I can now confirm to myself and you that vaping is better than those ciggs.
We are here today, and I am quite thankful for that, thats what I was trying to explain to @Brotherbob and Brother @Cutlass92 above.

My symptoms at least in part is stress related. Nicotine eases stress, Nicotine is a toxin, we need to constantly be detoxifying the toxins from our body. For me I have to also be removing my stress. Parkinson has given me a built in stressometer, when I get stressed my head tremors start, I have several tools to reduce my stress yesterday it was those 2 ciggs, other tools I have is my hobbies and my vaping and my music, and a multitude of other stress reducers. There is a balance to it, never use a patch and a cigg and a gum and a nicotine gum and other nic sources simultaneously because you might accidently overdose and even die.
It takes a long time presently to type, but i’m getting better at that too. but this discussion has me tired and to be honest a wee little stressed. So I’m going to close sharing this tool of music to be a stress releaser tool you can use. Pick a good song that has meaning in your life and has a nice beat. It helps if you know the words. Play the song and get into it with the beat and words in your head and mind. so your gently rocking to the beat and repeating the words in your mind. Some but maybe not all stress disappears, you stop thinking about what is stressing you for a bit, and for me my stressometer slows a bit, my head moves to the beat not to my ailment. so the song that comes to mind, and I love this one, …

I forgot the name for a minute from the time I copied the link to here from the other page. Took me 3 tries to get it…
twenty one pilots: Stressed Out
I had to cheat, another valuable tools copy/paste and speelchecker haha I got a smile now that’s the true hidden stress medicine.
note to self/edit: I need to be a better cheat, the name of the song is above, in front of my eyes, across the top of the image I created when I copied the link.


It always works out in the end bro! It will all be ok!

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Sorry to get religious here, but I need to remember that God works in mysterious ways. Everything we experience in life, good or bad, is not your fault or my fault, …it’s not God’s fault either, but it is God’s will. God has a divine plan just for me, (and you too). Good things and bad things will happen to us along the way. Everything happens for a reason. I hope to have enough intellect and consciousness to have a tiny hint as to what God’s plan is for me. And the strength to go along with his plan.


Prayers your way bro.

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Half lifes is the rule of eliminating toxins, I know i have most of the C/L out of my system now, I think i’m getting sane again. I attempted to mix a batch of e-juice last week and managed to accidentally ruin about 100ML of PG by adding 35MG nic base into it, thinking I was just topping off the VG. OOPS! No big loss. I stopped that mixing session till today and with a clearer head was able to Successfully mix my wifes batch of juice for next month. I know I still have some of that C/L in my system, I can still feel it, but someday soon I’ll be even closer to the old me with just head tremors and forgetfulness as my main symptoms. There is hope. My brain MRI came back and they say no lesions except for normal old age! I think I’m going to have to get a second opinion on that, I know I’m far from “Normal”. :crazy_face:

C/L = carbidopa / levodopa
AKA… SINEMET is supplied as tablets in three strengths: SINEMET 25-100, containing 25 mg of carbidopa and 100 mg of levodopa. SINEMET 10-100, containing 10 mg of carbidopa and 100 mg of levodopa. SINEMET 25-250, containing 25 mg of carbidopa and 250 mg of levodopa.

I think a lot of the medicines prescribed are just toxins that when given in the right dose have a positive effect on the body. as long as the body can shed the toxins at a rate that is faster than the intake of those toxins you stay alive and receive the benefits of the medicine.
Obviously Nicotine is just like that, It is definitely a toxin, and if you overdose or even handle it wrong it can kill you. Nicotine is one of the toxins that can be absorbed through the skin, so wear gloves and use the weakest concentration that you can use. I mix from 36MG ~ 50/50 base down to 9MG Flavored E-Liquid. My experiment the other day confirms that strength (9MG) is quite similar to a generic light cigarette. A side effect of the nicotine is a calming of the nerves, when I vape and relax my built in stressometer calms some, my head stops tremoring, and it is good.

I can confirm this theory as the nicotine does have a relaxing, stress reducing effect and reduces my symptoms.

Q: So why not smoke cigarettes?
A: TAR, the real cancer cause that kills so many is not present in the Vapor we get from e-juice, also we can make any flavor e-liquid, why put up with just the limited flavors in tobacco?

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If you’re willing to investigate it might be worth looking into CBD. I have heard that it has the potential to stop the shaking amongst many other things.

For as far as I understand it is a cannabis product and has the same medical benefits as marijuana but without the mind altering effects.

Now I can’t help you further with it since I don’t have any first hand experience with it since i’m perfectly healthy knock on wood

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My father died in March this year. Doctors diagnosed Parkinson’s, however that was a major failure. Due to cholesterol generic medication that he was prescribed for years his muscles started to weaken (similar to atrophy), tremor and vertigo became apparent, levels of Q10 gone to zero, etc. That very “medication” caused sugar imbalance so he was prescribed another medication and then another one to lower blood pressure and another one to dilute blood until the imbalance of the medications cocktail caused brain stroke. After he died my mom took a plastic bag full of “medications” and handed it over to doctors.

Dont take any medications mate and don’t give up, our body is capable to heal itself. Long time ago diseases didn’t have name. They were rather called a blockage of energy flow. An easiest (forgotten) Chinese traditional healing method is called Paida (and Paida Lajn), check it out here:
Give it a shot, you won’t regret eve though it looks a bit stupid.
Another great way to help yourself is breathing. Wim Hof’s method is damn simple and will help you bring cells required oxygen. Take a look at the available YouTube vids:

I wish you all the best. Don’t give up!

I have done some research on that topic since age 15 or so, MM is coming soon to my state and my wife says I can resume my experiments at that time :slight_smile:

Sorry for your loss, I had to tell my doctor that people don’t die from parkinson’s, people die with parkinson’s. The deaths associated with parkinson’s is falling, misuse of medicines, and other causes that are just a side effect from the meds or the disease. My dr prescribed C/L which almost got me. He prescribed high doses of D3, which when I studied that might have gotten me with prolonged use, who would think that a vitamine can become toxic? I have reduced my dosing of D3, and eliminated the C/L, I still take Blood pressure pills but I even have to reduce that dosing if my BP is low. And I have been using something like Wim Hof Breathing for a long time without knowing it. My technique is to just take 3 long full breaths, in through the nose out through the mouth. I do it when I get stressed, and it helps alot. Still the best stress reducers for me is Laughter, and Music, so close your eyes and listen to the lyrics of this old B.O.C song, i never understood the lyrics till now…

^---- Don’t watch it, because it can trigger stress! ----^
But it describes one of my symptoms, and my war vs stress?

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