Passion fruit strawberry

Hi everyone.
Any suggestions to combine passion fruit + strawberry? Is there any chance that they combine? at least eating both sounds great for me! i have both from TPA.
Has anyone tried passion fruit by itself?

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I mean you can always give it a whirl. No harm, No foul. Here’s something you may find helpful. I did a quick search on flavor pairing:
Passion Fruit - guava, mango, papaya, coconut, peach, berry, orange, apple, violet, rose, hibiscus, milk, cream, custard, chocolate, cake, pastry, almond, brandy, rum, honey


Until you try, you’ll never know. Just make small 10ml batches and test with different ratios of passion fruit and strawberry.
I’m sure it’ll be nice. And there are so many different kind of strawberries (probably the most used fruit in vapes). If it doesn’t work with one, it’ll work with another.


Searching for “passion fruit strawberry” on the recipe database there are four pages of recipes. You can try some of those recipes or use some of them as a guide for where to start percentagewise.


thank you all for the replies

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I usually hit one of the food sites and see what pairs best with what I’m working with. Not being the primary cook in the house puts me at a little disadvantage so I seek online help since my wife looks sidewise at me and usually won’t help.
This is one of the better ones as it’s got fruits, spices, liquors and misc, headings to pair to.


ive tried the Passion Fruit from FA as a SF and it wasnt passionate at all from what i remember , however it does mix well with Cap sweet guava , Tpa Honeydew and Peach but it seems to have to be the secondary flavor not on top also im sure it works with others like pinaeapple and orange Hawaiin POG is pretty popular and uses passion , orange and guava

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thanks for the tip. what SF means?

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Single Flavour


i love Passion Fruit vape … i would think PF and SB are at extreme ends of a spectrum. the PF is a very “loud” flavor where SB is (usually) soft, sweet and smoother. i would suggest to add something to bridge these 2 - i would recommend some Mango. Mango and SB go well together (for me) and also PF and Mango. another option would be something like dragon fruit or Banana. PF would be a secondary note and not a primary - but that would be me.

so if i’m making a mix of these fruits - and don’t want the PF to take over - i would start with something like 3% PF, 4% mango and 6-7% SB … trying to get some balance… then adjust from there… now the trick is, each flavor brand would have a different twist on the fruit, so using SB Ripe from TPA would give a different results vs using Sweet SB (CAP) … and so the Mango … etc - so it’s really up to what you like. also using high-concentrated brands like FA or FLV would mean you use much less % of these ingredients… just thoughts to get you going … best thing would be to make a 5ml or 10ml samples with 0 nic to test first.


great advice thank you. i will need a few more flavors then! it is awesome to get all these responses everyone. makes me feel like posting more questions!

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Have a look: