PayPal Refund Question

This is just a general question.
I have used PayPal for years… years and years and years actually… I think I received a refund once, it was either that or someone tossed some funds in it for my wife (I have gotten money in the account before but I can’t remember having a refund put into it). None the less, for those that have requested a refund, how long does it normally take? I do understand it would mainly be determined by the company your attempting to get refunded by, they need to process the funds back thru their system and accounting. Just wondering the length of time one should wait prior to filing a dispute thru Paypal themselves which would probably cause a black mark upon the company you have been attempting to deal with…?

Usually if you raise a complaint directly with said company through paypal they will do everything they can to refund / resolve the dispute in as little time as possible, i would let it go for 1-3 days depending on where the company is in the world.

After that hit up paypal and let them deal with it :wink:


Also take a look at PayPal’s guide to Resolving Disputes here:

I have had refunds show up in less than 24 hrs

I have also had to use there dispute resolution and it is also very fast or was in my case.

PayPal does not play games with sellers and they have access to the sellers bank account so if they think your dispute is valid they just take the funds from them.


You have to meet some criteria. A failure of the “contract” between you and the Vendor. Take it up with the Vendor first. A PayPal-driven reversal is a serious mark against the Merchant because it says they were unwilling to resolve, but you have grounds. If the product was not as described or delivered DOA or damaged in the Post. Any reputable seller knows this and makes refunds regularly and quickly, so a forced refund kinda points a finger saying “not reputable”. If you are returning something all you need is a tracking#

I’ve only had one forced chargeback and the person didn’t meet the grounds, but won anyway. It’s almost an automatic decision in favor of the Buyer. so you’ll have no problems getting your money back. I posted an online review on here where the product, a battery charger got 1 Star because the person said, “did not come with batteries! Buy this only if you need a charger” Some folks have a hard time reading words, but that’s gotten worse as people shop on their tiny phone screen.

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Paypal used to be a great company, since ebay separated - I have nothing but trouble with them.

I’ve had refunds from company’s,but got pay-pal involved when it didn’t go right, they have always been good at solving issues.

They sort out rather quickly, sometimes could take a week or so, depends on the policy of the companies involved