Peerless Special Edition comparison question

Had this thing for just under a week, and I love it! The flavor and clouds are good on this one, but I HATE the deck! Lol Anyone have a recommendation on what other rda’s that can do both? The Mutation X4 has a very similar air flow hole pattern, just wondering how it compares…

Looking for something that’ll take dual coils, 24mm+. I love my fused claptons and don’t want to give them up! The pulse and the govad are my go to’s for flavor chasing. My goon is good for clouds, but the flavor is muted like mad compared to the others. Just want a happy medium… thank you!

Personally I love my goon 24mm. I fit in simple spaced 9 wrap ss316L builds without a problem. Great flavor. It would fit claptons ect no problem.

Outside of that the 22mm velocity v2 tobeco clone is great…but is a bit smaller and harder to fit my round wire build in there. It first but the cotton touches the side wall more than I would like.

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the goon is good and I use mine every day, but I love my TM24. It is crazy easy to build on and I don’t use any thing but fused claptons and staples.

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What is it that you dont like about the deck?

The posts are too far apart, makes centering your coil way awkward unless you keep one of them with a very long leg. I got the special edition, and the freaking o-rings are way too tight too! Still haven’t managed to get the top cap off! I’ve read several posts with people complaining about that, just sucks. I love the vapor production and the flavor, just not very user friendly… I have a few rda’s now, but they are all good at either clouds or flavor, not many of them can do both.

what are you running in it? i have one and cant get any good flavor out of it. trying to figure out what im doing wrong.

I do fused claptons whenever possible, and I prefer ss, but dual coils makes it difficult because the ohms are too low… this time around, I did spaced, fused claptons 2x28/36 ka1 6 wraps. Ohms out around .34 or so. 50W and I get a nice, cool vape. Dual coil build of course. I keep my coils pretty high in there too (don’t want to be able to see the top of my coil through the airflow holes, just the side and bottom), this will help with the spit back inherent with the fused claptons also.

My pulse, being a single coil atty, I love popping 2x24/32 ss316l, 6 wraps ohms out to around .18. Forgot to mention I normally wrap them with a 3mm id. They’re kinda big, but flavor for days on that setup!

Just went ahead and ordered the apocalypse v2 today, I’ll let you know if it lives up to all of the hype!

Yes. Please do. Do you have the goon. Love to know if the air flow and flavor are comparable when cutting the air flow down. At this point I vape with two air flows that are slightly cut making it about 1.65 air flow holes on each side. Love my goon. But that price drop seem like a good deal on an authentic.

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I got both the Goon and the Apocalypse and i must say that the Apocalypse only collects dust these days.
Its not to my liking at all and i prefer the Goon and my Unholy over it any day of the week.

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Thanks buddy. I almost pulled the trigger on buying two. I love love my three goons. I think I want to add another two so I can have a full rotation. Lol. That way I only need to build once every three weeks.

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I ordered a Goon from 3avape and after i have done a meticulous comparison to my other Goon and Cloon i must say that it is an authentic.

And for that price i regret that i didn’t order a couple more :wink:

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I have the 1.5 goon, not the original. The 1.5 isn’t actually too bad once you get the airflow set just right. I figured it’ll replace the peerless on my alien and may well even end up on my still in transit admiral… That shit is gonna be nice!