Peppermint candy cane styled, your best?

Hi everyone.

I´m still a newbie, but i am searching for the best way to DIY Candy Cane.
Here in Sweden we call it Polkagris, and som of my recipe is close to that.
Mostly usin CAP Peppermint and TFA Candy Cane, is there alternatives?

Peppermint Polka is my best batch so far, but i want to make it taste better.
Asking for other flavors to make tha happen, and thats why i ask you here.
I think it´s possible, and just need a little more guidance from fellow DIY:ers.

Best regards from Sweden.


Post recipe link if you want people to comment.

Peppermint is good. I use FA mostly at anything from 0.4 to 1. The lower range is good with fruits popping but you will still taste the peppermint.

I have grown wary of FW myself, not keen on sugars in juices and I am never too sure what their DAAP status is.


Thank you for correcting my mistake. Mucho appreciated.

Respect to you. :slight_smile:


Not sure how up-to-date this list is, but I keep it bookmarked:
update: nevermind, i just see updated last 3 years ago lol :smiley:


Would help if you mentioned what you feel is lacking.


@ Suomynora

My one rule is not (never again) to use anything in the flavor warning list.
If i found recipes here that i want out, but have triangles i just ignore them.
As far as i am aware of non of my recipe that i mix today contains problem.


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It’s up to you what you vape. The warnings are there so you can make an informed decision.
IMO, the whole diacetyl scare has been hyped up so much without ANY evidence… so I’ll ignore those warnings but I’m not going to tell anyone what the should or shouldn’t vape. Just having the info out there so that people are aware is good enough IMO.


A Moutful, that is if you compare 1 candy cany in the mouth with 3 candy canes.
Ni80 seems to give me plenty of flavor in Siren II with a single 3mm Fused Clapton.
In the Orion i have only a micro coil, so i have to find other ratios if use in that Pod.

Having 3 of the candy canes im my mouth right now, trying to give you the ansver.
The real candy that is. Just love that taste, coming from vape mixed from crystals.
Have vaped menthol for a long time, and its good, but mostly strong mentholtaste.


Really sweet and simple


My personal choice is FW Candy Cane.

When I’m in a minty mode, I also enjoy LB White Chocolate Peppermint