Peppermint Cupcake

Someone help me find what is missing in this recipe!!!

No sure what direction you want to take it so it is hard to answer (i also have 0 1 of these flavours) but if you want to bring out the peppermint a little you could add a little Creme de Menthe and a small amount of koolada

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the peppermint is on point, but can’t get the cupcakeness to come thru as much as I’d like, going to try the peppermint at .75% and see what happens

I cant really help with specifics as i don’t have cupcake but sometimes the vc can make other more delicate flavours drop off a little you could try lowering the cap vc by about half to still get a hint of custard. But a total shot in the dark as I haven’t worked with van cupcake at all.

Looking at the notes the usage range for the van cupcake is around the 4% mark sometime higher % can mute flavours so that is another possible solution.

Agreed. @Sugavapes88 It’s difficult to grasp how adding more flavor could possibly result in less flavor but it’s generally accepted as true by seasoned Mixers. Sweetener (TPA) can also mute a bit, maybe try Stevia for sweet (Use ELR search to read more about Stevia) I’m a big fan of Sweetener (TPA) but changing your wick every few days becomes tedious. Sounds like you want a Cupcake vape that is pepperminty, and not a Peppermint vape that is cupcakey. On your next test cut your numbers in half and leave out the peppermint …basically hone your cupcake …then after some steep time (I’d guess 2 weeks min with the Custard) add the peppermint starting at a low %. You can bump up the Mint in .5% increments with little to no steep time (guessing).

Sooo like 5% - 6% Cupcake and 3%-4% Custard (look at some highly rated Cupcake recipes) Oo I like Custard Batter Cake! I’m liking the addition of some creams and maybe Marshmallow for mouthfeel. This sounds like a great recipe! Best of luck… now I want a Peppermint Cupcake :wink: