Percentages by volume vs. weight?

As a newbie, I’m wondering about “percentages”. The calculator and recipies here on ELR measure percentages by volume. And yet it appears most mixing is done by weight. The key percentages of PG/VG and flavor differ by 2% to 5% depending on whether you calcluate by volume or by weight.

What is the reason for measuring percentages by volume? Is that a solid industry standard? If I buy two different commercial juices that say their PG/VG ratio is 50/50, will they really be the same?

Related, why does the recipie builder on ELR ignore the PG weight of flavors (1 ml = 1 gram instead of 1.036 grams)?


You need to go to you user page on the recipe side and go to preferences & change


I think that will sort out most of what you are speaking of