Percentages of volume

i mix by weight. so when somebody tells me to put 6mls of vanilla custard into a bottle…whats the percentage for that in weight?

im confused on this topic.

thanks for any help


I see that you’ve read a bit already but it may be a good idea to catch up on the threads in #e-liquids:beginners (and simply #e-liquids) and start by picking out the guides which will explain how the e-calculator works.

If someone tells you to put 6ml in a bottle, the first thing you should be asking is “what size bottle?”
If it is a 10ml bottle, it’ll be easy, then it’s 6/10, 0.6 or 60%. If it’s a 30ml bottle, you divide 6ml/30ml=0.2 or 20%, for a 100ml bottle it’s 6/100=0.06 or 6%.

Basic % values:
1/1 = 1 = 100%
1/10 = 0.1 or 0.10 = 10%
1/100 = 0.01 = 1%,

The calculator can do a lot so you don’t have to count, but generally speaking, people on this forum talk in % and not in volume (ml) when it comes to recipes. The calculator will tell you how much weight this is in g (grams), so it’s easy to change the volume of your bottles and the calculator will recalculate the weight (and volume) on the fly.

It’s highly advised to use a scale for mixing small batches. If you’re choosing to mix up large (commercial) quantities, it’s more precise if you switch to mixing by volume.


Known flavorings if you enter them into the calculator correctly will use the specific gravity listed in the database and convert it for you. You could do it manually for instance has 1.067g/ml or if it’s an unknown flavoring 1g/ml wont kill the mix. Gl to u!


the reason why I asked is because I was at a vape shop the lady was talking about volume…I don’t mix by volume…i mix by weight ( lb-501 scale ) so yes it screwed my freaking head up with that…im back on track now.