Perfect Vape - reputable shop?

I’m on a mad hunt for a few Capella flavors that seem to be out of stock everywhere (cake batter and butter seem to be the hardest to find), and someone on my local vape fb group recommended this shop to me…they just happened to have all but one flavor that I’m looking for. BUT…I’d never heard of them, and am not finding a lot of info on them.

Has anyone here ordered from this company? I’m feeling a little leery, but am also pretty desperate to restock.

If I’m not sure about a vendor I check their FB page and their blog on their site if they have one. For any new vendor checking their return policy tells a lot about their service too.


You could always order straight from Capella’s site.

I’ve never heard of the company before. You could try placing a small order and see how you feel about them?

I admit, I’m a cheapskate - looking for a better price than what the capella site offers. Going to try a small order to see how it goes.

I feel ya! Me too. :stuck_out_tongue: MFS has Cap butter and cake batter in stock. Their price is 2.95/15ml. Works out to be 0.005/ml more expensive than BCV and ECX before shipping. Not sure what that will run you though.

Of COURSE they would restock hours after I place an order…hm wonder if I can cancel it.

If you are talking about WL, they allow 24 hours to add on to orders and stuff. I’m not sure about canceling though

No, I placed a small order thru this other place for just what I really really needed…will probably just leave it alone and get everything else at WL.

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Capella discontinued Butter and re-released under the name Golden Butter

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Surely it’s not one of those that they reformulated?? Butter flavor made with BTA sounds awful.

Can’t go wrong with bullcity they have great customer service too. And I just got both of those flavors from there last week

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They told me this over the phone but I didn’t want to go into what their sub is or how it’s reformulated. The person I was speaking with was not the person I should have talked to that knows about these things. She was kinda ditsy to be honest. So I just left it alone. But I kinda doubt that’s it. If you want to find out I suggest calling instead of emailing. They refuse to answer emails for some reason.

Minus the brown smudge. This is how nicotine is labeled…weird… It came to me with a light amber color

This is my order date…i already had to dump the nicotine because it smelled terrible and has been the culprit of wierd tasting juice since i started using it.
In short, i take back my kind words and replace them with words of caution

When this is all the company promises…be wary.
I called them and nicely explained the situation…he didnt seemed surprised and said he would “check it out”
I have read other places of blocking of people who complain…

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Enough said:
When BBB duns a company, that says something.

Was it @zerohimself who started out with concentrates purchased from them? Had all kinds of issues with the flavorings if it was him. Holler @zerohimself if it was you.

Thanks for the link. I submitted a review on the company.

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Perfect Vape sucked… inconsistent flavors – sometimes the wrong ones were sent, and i noticed many where they seem to have been stored improperly/ not mixed before being rebottled. I had nothing but trouble with all the flavors i ordered from them.

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