Perfumers and flavour apprentice Query?!?!?!

Im confused.

Are flavour apprentice and perfumers apprentice the same company??

I ordered concentrates online, all ordered were supposed to be TFA but some are perfumers apprentice. Ive looked online and both have very similar company logos!!!

Been bugging me for days. Need to clear this up lol

Thanks :grin:


yes, they are

Yep both the same

Damn. That was a fast reply. New here. This place is alive :grin: thanks for clearing that. Much appreciated


Welcome to ELR :smile:


Thank you :metal::metal::facepunch::facepunch:


walking past the computer when u posted, alerted by chat room, not sure why u just didnt ask in chat…happy mixing and vaping what u mix

Ah sorry didnt no there was chat room. My bad. Still getting used to site. Ty for tip :wink:

I have seen:
TFA = TPA = Fa
In some short hand usages.

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FA is FlavourArt. Different company from TFA/TPA.

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Sometimes it only says Flavor Apprentice

I have gotten a few from DIY that said fa that were TFA. Can be confusing at times, they are printed in lower case instead of upper.

Thats what i have. White labels with a dark blue square an Fa writen on it. But has flavour apprentice in small print under that. All in all i have 4 different bottles with 4 different TFA labels. Thats what confused me lol


My eyes are so bad I couldn’t read the ultra small print. Had to write a T on the label. The newer labels seem to have corrected that.

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I buy only from Bull City, they do repackage, and was totally confused when SOME of my TPA/TFA bottles were labeled with that FA.

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