Perfumers Apprentice flavors A - Z review

I found this on ECF. I think this may help some here.

Perfumers Apprentice flavors A - M review
Perfumers Apprentice flavors N - Z review


Great find @NewDrip

Some flavours are missing but still a good range of flavours.

I’m really shocked by the 10% Honey test though.

So many folks think it’s cats piss. Quite literally lol.


From what I’m told it is the smell as one vapes it that smells like cat piss. More so to those who are not the one vaping it but around them and smelling it…

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I actually have it in my stock, along with Horchata, Red Type, Red Oak, Coffee, they were on a special at my regular vendor so I thought why not.

Just haven’t gotten around to using many of them yet.


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