Personal Mixing Evolution (fixing old mixes)

Ever gone back to your earliest mixes and chuckle? Getting close to 2 years, and while there is a ton of learning and refinement yet to come, i have to laugh at my old mixes. Here’s an example of a redo:

The new one is only on day 9 of a 30 day steep and beats the pants off the old one. Tastes like a seriously Strawberry Ice Cream.

Have you fixed an old mix? Let’s see!


Sometimes the old mixes are also really good and you wonder why you didn’t remix something or move it to the approved folder.

That’s my challenge. I have a recipies folder where every mix is dated and when approved I shift the last iteration to the approved.


That’s a great system! So many get forgotten if they don’t work out 1st or 2nd try.

One day… I really need this kind of organization! I have a few folders, but rarely utilize them. I dipped into the “Need Remix” folder recently and messed around with a few. I think this came from that. See, not sure! Need to get a system! Thanks for the tip!


Yes, I occasionally go back and revisit recipes. Some I edit, Some I make adaptations, Some I remove from public view and rework.
For me it’s mainly the substitute scenario.
For instance, VBIC (TPA) is replaced with Vanilla Ice Cream (LB). Well, because it’s so much better.
That type of thing :point_left:t2:


A lot of my recipes have seen some sort of renovation. Most of the earlier ones, when I didn’t have a handle on how flavors mingled. I have removed a few that I deemed icky. The newer ones are pretty much left alone. But, I work with one company and that has made it easier for me. I am setting myself up for the next company line I will tackle. Finally I will have recipes with multiple flavor lines!



I have fixed many, but there are some that I don’t make for myself anymore, and I probably wouldn’t like them anymore as they are, but I cannot bring myself to alter them because it appears that they bring some satisfaction to newer vapers.

I honestly believe it is because when one is just quitting smoking, their taste buds are shot and they need higher percentages, or more potent juices. Here are a couple of examples that I have of this, but although I won’t alter them, I do try to explain in the comments section, changes that I would have made if I were going to make them! I must admit that it is nice to see others still being able to enjoy my old recipes, even if I wouldn’t, which is the main reason I feel I can’t change or remove them!


Sorry Sis! Didn’t mean to call to you directly in my last message!


Haha. Not a problem😘