PG Base and PG Flav

When using PG Nic and PG Flavoring is there a rule of thumb to get a 30ml bottle to 70VG/30PG or 90/10, I’m guessing to use less flavoring, but that would hurt the end flavor right?

Download yourself a copy of EjuiceMeUp…It will give you the ability to create your Nic, PG/VG ratios, and flavoring percentage profiles…so you will able to see what tweaks, etc that you may need to make in order to get to your desired blend… Very user friendly, and it also allows you to input weight constants for your ingredients so that you can mix by weight, if you want…and it does, by default, give you milliliter amounts automatically…You will just need to input your Nic base values, desired PG/VG ratio for the mix, along with the flavors and percentages of each flavor, and whether your flavors are PG or VG based, as well…It will alert you if you need to make changes in your ingredients when you hit the calculate button.

Depending on how concentrated the nic is vs how much nic is in your final mix and how much total flavoring you use, there is going to be a ceiling on how much VG you can use.

Let’s say you use 100mg PG nic and vape 3mg, and you like about 15% total flavoring, then 18/82 is the max VG you can do. The Max VG checkbox on the recipe calculator on this site is very handy in this situation. Spares you from doing any math.

But if you wanna do the math yourself, final nic concentration divided by base nic concentration gives you the percentage of nic base in your final mix (3/100 = 3% in the example above) then subtract that number and your total flavor percent from 100 and the difference is your VG % (100 - 3 - 15 = 82 in the example above).

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Thanks for the help, some flavors are stronger than others so I’ve trying to keep the Same % while trying to increase the Vg.