PG, Carolina Xtracts, and my biggest dilemna..... *Help*

Okay so I am finally breaking down and asking the community…

I got my first batch of nicotine from Ecig express. I was kinda spicy, but not unbearable. Next, I got a sample from Nudenicotine, and that was much cleaner tasting. Still was getting a “spicy” feeling in my mouth on my tounge and around my tonsils, the flavor was however cleaner.

So next I just went for the best. I know most think that is vaperstek, but their website said I needed to call for orders and pricing. Regardless, I went for the newest player, Carolina Xtracts.

Wow, I must say, this stuff is AMAZING! Super potent/ strong/ clear; whatever you wanna call it, it gives that satisfying feeling in the chest so you know you are getting nicotine.

Now down to the details…

-Each time, I got 100% PG for each base at 100mg/ml.

-My mixes were Max VG besides the flavoring (PG) and nicotine.

-I stored it all correctly, didn’t make any stupid mistakes, mixing or otherwise.

Yet I am still getting a spicy sensation (not taste, the taste is clean) but it leaves a spicy sensation on my tongue and tonsils. I get used to it, but it comes back every once in a while.

So, I have to wonder:

Am I that sensitive to the less than 1% PG nicotine in the mix?

Does the PG based nic need time to soak into the VG? (I mix it all at once)

Will this dull over time? (If so, how long)

Would VG base nicotine fix this?

Thank you for making it to the end of this book!
Any and all help is appreciated.

I would suggest to narrow down the entire field of issues before assuming it is the nicotine as the factor. Make a clean base of your pg/vg without nicotine or flavorings if you haven’t done so already and see if you are getting any of the same peppery taste. Next add the ingredients to your base, again without the nicotine, and vape your 0 nic juice for a bit to ensure it isn’t one of those issues. Lastly, divide up that 0 based juice into 2 or 3 separate bottles and add your nic (from your different sources) and see if one of those are now causing the issue your having. By using 100mg/ml nic you won’t be diluting that final mix very much but it may allow for you to see if there is a nic issue, an ingredient issue, or a base (pg/vg) issue.


First of all, go with THE BEST …IMHO…Nicotine River.


I can’t say if @ozo is right that NicRiver is the best or not… but (and I’ve posted this a few times), I will definitely be buying my nic from them, I am extremely happy with their product, cleanest (clear, taste, odor free) I’ve had.


And who can ever say who is best…S&W or Ruger…Lamborghini or Bentley…Bruce Lee or Chuck Norris…
But I can say this…Nicotine River claims they can trace their source back to the field the tobacco was grown in.
Works for me…how about you, Jerry?


I have just experienced these guys and what they have to offer. I won’t lie, it’s expensive stuff but I don’t think there’s anything on the market that comes close!

I’m not trying to push anyone one way or another, nor am I saying your choice is "wrong… just introducing a new nic company :wink:


@CallMeTut @DarthVapor @ozo

Alright, but I am more than happy with my nicotine supplier, my main point of all this was about the harsh feeling (not taste) on the tongue.

Maybe it’s the PG? I can barely tolerate PG anymore.

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After trying several I use Nicotine River 100mg in VG excusively. Clean and clear tasting no peppery flavor to me at all. I Mix my juices at 3mg/ml and the only PG in my juice is the flavorings.

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I guess I am just going to have to get some VG based nicotine to see if that helps. Its just odd, I cant imagine I would be that sensitive to so little PG, but if it fixes it, I will have my answer.

Does anyone else wanna chime in with suggestions?

I can’t be the only one

I get the same thing with PG all the time. Most all my flavors are PG but my Nicotine is now VG and I don’t get that peppery spice as I did when using more PG. Hope this helps

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I’ve noticed the spice goes away some with “steeping” (this process is actually called diffusing, I’ve come to hate the word steeping lol) but it is still there in my level 6 juices, even after.

I will have to try the VG nic, thanks for confirming before I spend money.