PG has an offal taste

Hi Rita here .
I have been Vaping sence January .Making my own e-juice for 4 months…
Every time I buy new PG it has a different flavor.What I have now is god offal and I have a gallen of it .
I shake it I store it in the dark and nothing seams to help.should I add water to it ?
My VG is great with a sweet note to it .
Please help Thanks

What manufacturer have you been getting your PG from?

Is it Pharmaceutical grade MONO PROPOLYNE GLYCOL?

PG is optional in mixes. You should try a Max VG mix and see how it vapes. If it’s too thick you can thin your VG with Distilled Water, Saline or Apple Cider Vinegar. If you decide to thin your VG keep the thinner below 5%. Experiment with small batches.

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