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Distilled Water


I would like to know if melted snow and rain water could be considered as distilled water since it evaporated and reformed as water.

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No. It picks up contaminants as it makes its way through our atmosphere. If you want some DW and dont want to buy it them boil some water with a lid on it and collect the water from the lid. I bought a gallon for under 2 bucks at CVS.


Thanx a lot. I was just curious. :confounded:


Glad i could help. :smile:


Don’t eat yellow snow!!! Ha-ha lol


Frank Zappa lol :grinning:


I’m hearing that distilled water is being used in premium juice from one peticular company, which I will not name, quite frankly because I don’t remember it, and it’s smoothing out the flavor since it is replacing PG. I tasted four of this companies juices and for once I thought a so-called premium juice was just that, PREMIUM. This stuff was the bomb. Any ideas on possible percentages to try? I’m thinking of trying replacing 5-10% of blend on the PG side with DS, any thoughts?

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I use DS to thin out some of my heavy VG mixes for tank users, 1 drop/ml. Too much DS seems to cause a lot of popping which sucks when using a wide bore DT. Velvet Cloud uses DS, their juices are all PG free and they make some great stuff.

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Tis true in my case as well! No sir…don’t like the popping!


Do they give you any idea of their VG/Other ratio. Guess this means they are using VG Flavors…

Sounds like 4mls per 100mls that you are using. Any added steep time?


They dont give a VG ration and they only use VG flavorings. I havent noticed any added curing time but since i vape mostly custard everything sits in the box for at least a month as it is.

Their Nutty Cookie and Night Shift are two of my favorite liquids and among the few i still order, only as a treat tho.


I learned that the first time i used it, obviously too much of it. One of the “pops” hit me right in the back of the throat, ouch! I vape a bit more and burned my tongue. Had to dump what was left in the tank and the 5ml sample.


Are you planning to do a side by side taste test? I think I will, cause I’m not seeing how DW could really improve a recipe. Thin the recipe, yes. Make it so I don’t have to use as much base, yes. But improve the flavor? Not to be a Debby Downer, but I’ll be waiting for proof.


After your, and Ken’s thoughts I’m thinking the reason this mix was so smooth is one, no PG at all, two, 3mg nic. You also lead me to believe the distilled water is only a thinner, where the seller lead you to believe it was more of a positive to the smoothness of the hit (Perhaps the truth if you consider dry hits from too thick a juice a harsh hit). The question presented was how did you get the juice to be so smooth…

Well it’s doubtful I want to switch to VG based flavor, however, I just might try a new formula where it is MAX VG and replace some VG with distilled water to thin it for tanks. Worst it could do is blow up in my face right, lol


Here’s my story. I was using PG in my mixes. I started noticing that my mixes were coming out along the bitter line. Tasted my PG straight out of the bottle and holy crap, discovered that it had to be the PG due to the pungent and bitter taste of that PG. This was the main reason I started mixing Max VG. My flavoring and nicotine are PG based 100% for the most part. I run my Nic at 5% for test batches and no more than 10% for big mixes. End result: a smooth vape with no bitter taste whatsoever.


Ok, sounds reasonable, however, are you using this blend in a tank or subohm units. I have to please mainly tank users. What percentage rate are you using in your mix to thin?


Not that I really know what I’m talking about, but my sister ordered me some coconut e-liquid and thought I had said I like 70/30 VG/PG when I really wanted it the other way around. It vaped okay in the T3S clearomizer I was using at the time, but I’m pretty sure I wound up adding a little bit of vodka to it.


Tanks running sub ohm (.6 to .8 ohm) primarily:

I use 100mg PG Nic; don’t use any all VG flavorings; don’t thin with vodka, DW or use much ACV. Depending on how much flavoring is in the mix, my ratio is typically 20 PG/ 80 VG.


I for personal using use 70/30 which works just find in my Kanger Evod Mega and any Aspire I use. Max VG can add at least another 10% VG or even more depending flavor percentage. Some tanks may not be able to get enough juice in them to keep from giving dry hits if it gets too thick…I can not add vodka in a commercial application for sure…guess it has to be distilled water if anything…


Haha yeah, for sure. I can’t do high VG in my Aspire Ets without it spitting at me, but it seems like my protank and T3S handled it fine.