Pg nicotine

I bought this pg base nicotine and it messes up the calculation when I put 100 pg for nicotine base

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You need to adjust VG/PG ratio or use the max VG option and it should correct itself. 100% PG nic and 100% PG flavors equals a higher PG content than you have entered.

Select MAX VG or lower the PG in the PG/VG ratio…what PV said. :smiley:

Doesn’t mess with mine, I love my pg base nic, mean I only really need to buy gallons of vg

I should have specified, the ratio on the ELR Calculator.

PG-nic and PG flavors can sometimes be a challenge if you’re going for a high VG juice, but I do think that PG is a better preservative for nicotine than VG so I use it anyway. I just make sure to use 100 mg/ml nic concentration to help avoid going over the top on the PG, by not having to use as much. There have been times, though, when I’ve had to accept, say 35/65 PG/VG instead of 30/70 on account of using a lot of flavoring in some recipes. In any case, the bottle of PG dilutant I bought when I started out is going to last me a LONG time LOL!

Thanks that actually helped a lot I might still have to experiment with it I tried making 8mg but it almost feels like 12

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