PG-prevailing recipes?

Hi e-liquid makers,
There are not much search options in the recipe base here so that is my problem:
I prefer to use PG/VG 70/30 or 65/35 base 'cause I don’t like extra VG sweetness and I prefer more TH. I mix base by myself.
Since PG/VG ratio affect taste intencity I add more flavour drops to my aroma mixes. Sometimes I think that it might be too much. I don’t clearly understand the algorythm and flavour/base proportions for 70% PG base.
Also I’m don’t have enough experience to calculate every 10 ml bottle, I just mix the PG/VG 70/30 and 5 nicotine strength base in a large container and then use it to mix with flavours in small bottles.
Most of the recipes I find here are for VG-prevailing base. I even tried to search by “random recipe” and was lucky to find ONE PG-prevailing recipe :))
Can you suggest me more PG-prevailing recipes? Also tips&tricks regarding my PG/VG ratio advice will be hiiiighly appreciated!!!

Hi @hobz

I’m by no means an expert but here’s my take on it… taste is subjective and flavours vary in their strength.

Find some recipes you like the look of and make them up in 10ml batches with your own base - then taste, steep, taste, steep and so on. That way you can decide for yourself whether you feel less or more flavouring Is needed for your own tastebuds :smiley:

Don’t know if this helps:

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I doubt you’ll find many takers here. Most of my published recipes are 40p/60v; partly due to the need for a higher viscocity juice in RTA usage (ie reduced some leakage). But, most of my recipes these days are at least 50p/50v or 60p/40v. I’m primarily a tobacco juice vaper. IMO, more PG means more flavor and throat hit; I like that.

Good luck on your quest! :grinning:

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I experienced the same quandary when I first started mixing…PG carries flavor more so than VG…I was used to buying 70/30 liquids at local shops and then got into mixing…So I started mixing StandAlone mixes at 70/30 PG/VG with different flavors using the EjuiceMeUp juice calculator…available for free download online…Google it…great tool…You will find very few 70/30 recipes here, and only a few 50/50 blends…So I started experimenting with different ratios…What I found is this: The more PG I had in my mix…the lower the flavor percentage needed to be…But it also affects steeping requirements…So I had to narrow down variables 1 at a time…For example… FA Forest Fruit… I will also say that I am a high percentage mixer to begin with…as I prefer BOLD flavor priofiles… So I mixed several 10 ml bottles at 70/30…65/35…60/40…55/45…50/50…45/65…40/60…35/65…30/70…25/75…20/80 (All noted PG/VG) for my ratios…I mixed them at 6%…8%…10%…12%…15%…18%…20%…let them steep 2 to 3 weeks…What I found was that the higher the PG was…the more flavor the vape had…but also less vapor…more PG also contributed to throat hit and harshness of the vape…Through a process of elimination of what I was looking for in my vape experience, I settled at 40/60 PG/VG…It gives me a boldness of flavor along with a little more vapor than higher PG mixes…But here IS the problem…for me…and as I see it for you…encountering tons of recipes at 30/70 PG/VG…It poses some issues given my 40/60 preference

There are a lot of mixers who I have gotten to know and respect and most of them mix High VG blends…but I so want to try their recipes…So, for me, the earlier testing I outlined above gave me a great insight as to flavor vs PG/VG ratios and how they react with the variables…So I can make flavor adjustments in the recipe to work for my preferred PG/VG ratio…but it takes a lot of learning my flavors to do this…Back to the FA Forest Fruit… I currently mix at 40/60 PG/VG at 15% …and steep it for 3 weeks…Many will say that is high, but for me, it gives a delightful, full bodied and complex flavor profile…with a nice smooth mouth feel vapor production…

Since you mix at 70/30 PG/VG…You might give a try at mixing a 30/70 PG/VG recipe that you find here…Mix it at your 70/30 PG/VG ratio…and drop the flavor percentages in the recipe (across the board) by about 5% to 10% per flavor…Let that baby steep a couple 2-3 weeks…and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised…Or you could just mix the recipe at full flavor percentages at your 70/30 ratio, and you might find yourself pleasantly blown away…It’s all about experimentation…Sometimes I have just simply thrown “caution to the wind”…and knocked it outa the park… :slight_smile:


here is a link to a calculator that might help you change the percentage of someone elses recipe example a recipe is 50/50 but you want a 80/20 by changing the vg /pg ratio some say you changed the recipe at least the taste of it , so this calculator shows what the flavor pct needs to be changed to so you have the same taste , some will say it doesnt matter recently i have made a 60 /40 blend of waynes and also my prefered 75vg 25 pg so soon ill know if it really does matter


Thank you guys, much to think about - and - definitely “practice, practice, practice!” :smile:

I will look through your recipes! We have the same taste. I’m holding 6 bottles of mono Tobacco flavors, will start to try it in a week to find the best Tobacco for me )

…and if you can’t find one that suits your palate in the synthetic tobacco deptartment, I’ll invite you to try NET tobacco; ain’t nothing like the real thing. :grinning:

Sorry, I don’t clearly understand what is “NET Tobacco” :flushed:

Naturally extracted tobacco (i.e. N.E.T. or NET) is when you produce your own tobacco flavored eliquid from actual tobacco.

You can do it yourself…

…or you can buy it:

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WOW! That’s exactly what I was thinking of! Russian forums don’t give such a detailed topics on DIY aroma liquids. Thanks a lot!


If you do decide to produce your own NET juice, I would suggest using pipe tobacco. Commercial cigarette tobacco has many more nasty elements associated with it than pipe tobacco. The two tobaccos are not typically processed in the same manner.

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How 'bout tobacco for rolled cigarrettes? Is it good for making e-cig juice?

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I guess it would depend on the manufacturer. I’ve made NET from Peter Stokkebye products; their tobacco is not processed as much as the standard US based commercial tobacco. I smoked Peter Stokkebye RYO for years and it never affected me as badly as prepackaged cigarette tobacco. So, I guess you’d need to trust the source of whatever tobacco you choose.

How about A.G. Rutenberg pipe tobacco?

Anglitskiy Melanzh (English Mixture), Google translated description says, "English recipe 1869. Luxurious blend tobaccos Virginia 19 double longing, moderately roasted Burley from Malawi and Brazil, dark Cavendish, prepared with natural juices from fruits and fragrant Mirodata Agrinion from Greece.

Katerin Medici (Catherine de’ Medici), description is, very decent mix consists of sweet Virginia, mainly from Zimbabwe and Argentina and flavored tobacco Katerirni from Greece. The mixture was kept in the blend of red Bordeaux wine and broth of sweet fruit and honey.

Both sound great! :grinning: