Pg/vg 50/50 mix

I have quite a few bottles of 50-50, PG/VG mix. there is no option in the Formulas to add this. Can I just set my PGVG rate to 50-50 and then take the weight of both and then fill from the 50-50 mix bottle? I don’t know if I’m explaining it right but when I put the 50-50 VGPG mix it’ll give me a weight for the VG and the weight for the PG.
Does this sound correct? Thank you.



If you mean the recipe calculator yes you can add it, but only as individual entries.
Where it says Desired PG_____ and Desired VG_____ you enter your amounts.
You also have to account for nicotine and whether it’s PG or VG based.


Absolutely what @TorturedZen said! Also take into account the amount of PG in your Flavor Concentrates. :blush: