PG VG and Nicotine

I ordered a few kits to make my own e juice. Two kits have the pre mixed pg/vg and nic level. One kit has a bottle of PG,VG and 100% Nicotine. I would like to mix at a radio of 70VG/30PG at 3mg nic. I mostly mix 30 ml bottles. I would like to know how many ml VG, PG and nic go into a 30 ml bottle and how many ml of flavorings. I would like to make a mother’s milk clone or a banana pudding, or some creamy dessert type of e juice. Thanks in advance!

Have a look here and happy mixing. You can use the blue spanner/wrench to adapt recipes to whatever pg/vg and nic you like


Welcome @NanaPuddin82. First …all your questions are answered in the ELR Guide

First enter all your flavors and ignore the pre-mixed Kit PG/VG/Nic base. Best advice is never pre-mix your PG VG and Nic as it complicates and limits what you can make. The ELR Calculator (Recipe Tool) will do all the calculations. Find one recipe you like …click the little blue wrench and choose “Adapt” …now you are in edit mode.

Change the settings at the top to match your desired ratio (70/30) and enter your desired final Nic % strength (you said 3%?) and the base of the nic (PG? VG?) along with the full nicotine % (100mg? double check for accuracy!) that will be on the nicotine label and is absolutely critical to get right. At the bottom, just above the Save button, put a check mark in the box “Set these base values as default” and then click “Save”.

Now every recipe you capture (Adapt) will automatically be adjusted to these “defaults”. Keep lots of notes and any recipe you find that sounds good just click the little blue wrench and “Adapt” then “Save” …no need to check the “Default” box each time. Be sure to read one of the best posts here to Analyze some of the highest-rated recipes to insure your success starting out by helping you acquire the most common flavors.