PG/VG Deals

Anyone know of any decent deals on VG and PG. Everywhere that I’ve looked ended up with outrageous shipping prices… Nic River and Essentials Depot. Shipping for 2.5 gallons of VG and a gallon of PG from Nic River ended up being $70.

I found a few things on Amazon with free Prime shipping but am unsure of the brands.

Guess the good ole days of free shipping or even semi reasonable shipping are gone forever :weary:

Thanks for moving the post @MisterSinner… on my phone I couldn’t choose categories for some reason


I bought Essential Depot’s VG on Amazon a couple of weeks ago. $29 with prime shipping. Best price I could find. ED seems OK.

Edit: I checked and it was 32.07 with tax on June 9. It is now $34. Still way cheaper than direct from ED. This has a slight sweetness I’m starting to like a lot :grinning:


No prob @mstokens I have that same issue sometimes on my tablet too.


I’m pretty well stocked atm, but thanks for bringing this up :ok_hand: I was getting from river supply and now the shipping for larger quantities is just outrageous…


Free shipping is available at WL for a little more expenditure:


Heartland vapes is still selling PG/VG and flavors online, shipped. I don’t know how much they charge or what the shipping costs but they are available.

Edit: their link for flavors and pg/vg sends you to another website but it’s still Heartland vapes, I promise.

Also, if you’re US based, the shipping looks pretty reasonable. I’m also IN Oklahoma, where they are based so I’m not a really accurate guide of that. For me shipping is only $8.99.


This post just saved me a lot of frustration! Thanks, anonymous mixer!

Btw,it’s about $39/gallon now, but cheaper than anything else i could find. Prime shipping helps, too


I just ordered 4 gals of VG from Delosi labs for $130 shipped.
Their VG is some of the best


I use Glycerin Supplier out of TX.
VG Soy Based 21.99 a gallon
VG Palm Based 26.99 a gallon
PG 35.99 a gallon


For UK blenders, I’d suggest NicotineHub. They always have VG, PG and four kinds of nic at wholesale prices. Oh and the ELR code gives 12% off.

Not a promotion, just a reliable supplier.

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