PG/VG percentages for flavors

Hi everybody! :slight_smile: Does anyone know how to determine the pg/vg content of juice flavoring. Sweet Strawberry from CAPella for example. Many thanks in advance!


Usually the manufacturer has these details on their website and when available, the MSDS pages are posted on the ELR flavor pages. Very few have a PG/VG ratio, usually it’s either or mixed in with other ingredients.
The majority of the flavor molecules we use are suspended in PG.


I think P/G because P/G is the flavor carrier in eliquid, Peace


Thanks for he info, guys! :slight_smile: Now all I need to do is decide where I’m going to get my flavors. I get my vg, pg, and nic from Nude. Shipping costs more than tabasco but I concede to the fact that these liquids are heavy. Cappella is reasaonable. But Flavor west. Over $7 to ship a $4 bottle of natural orange. The fellow told me they only use the next day prepaid priority boxes because he said first class doesn’t supply tracking numbers. My guess is he’s not using those boxes and/or is ignorant of USPS shipping requirements for tracking numbers.

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