PG/VG Pouring

Hi everyone, I’m trying to figure out if there’s an easier way of pouring the PG/VG for 120ml bottles? Using pipettes for PG takes awhile, I have also tried the pipettes for the VG but that’s even worse.

I just end up putting the VG in a 120 bottle and constantly refilling that for every new bottle of juice I make. and I’m still using the pipettes for the PG. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on another method that i’m just not aware of yet.

Thanks for any and all information


I use 240 ml condiment bottles for dispensing my VG and PG-It’s basically what you’re doing now but I’ve found that the Yorker caps on the condiment bottles work better for VG, as the hole in the spout is a bit larger than the tops on 120 ml PET juice. In addition to using the 240 ml bottles, I also use a small crock pot to warm my VG a little so that it is a little less viscous when I mix(I use the lowest setting on the crock pot and keep a thermometer handy to ensure that the water bath doesn’t get too hot). The warmed VG also helps to mix the juice after I’ve gotten everything in the bottle. The largest bottle size that I mix is a 60 ml, though. They’re a little easier for me to wield, whether I’m shaking or taking the bottles with me out of the house.


I use a 500ml bottle with one of these twist caps, and then just squeeze the amount I need in the target bottles.

If I make larger batches, I use multiple for these bottles. I don’t need to refill them after every bottle/batch.


I think everybody has the same issues. I’m cheap and I just reuse squeeze bottles. I have a large PET plastic one that was filled with honey I use for VG. I bought PG in a 500ml HDPE squeeze bottle that has a tip that can slow down and do drops. For the fine measurements of VG I have 120ml PET squeeze bottles (from NicRiver) to get exact on that last 10% of the 120ml weighing.

When “recycling” containers (honey?) take extra care getting 100% clean. Lotsa soap and hot water soaking and thorough rinsing …final rinse of 100 proof vodka. I love my honey bottle because it has that rubber inverted cross-cut nipple thingy like big catsup bottles (?) so it helps insure no excess air/moisture gets in during storage.

That (Honey) bottle also delivers an accurate stream of VG at room temp and fills 100ml into a 120ml bottle in about 3 seconds. Best plastic choices would be the hard clear PET or the milky easy-squeezy HDPE. Look on bottom for recycle codes that denote plastic type. I think LDPE is not best.


I have some of the gorilla bottles from juices that i had before i started mixing my own i did in fact just buy a 12 pack of LDPE bottles for more batches. They are so soft I was worried about leaking.

I love this Idea. I am going to need to get those. I have some heinz ketchup and relish that i believe are 240. Never even thought to use those. I would use that for the PG since one of them would last for quite a few mixes.

I could use one of those for the VG, since all my mixes are 120ml and i almost always have 84ml of VG. @eStorm could you recommend somewhere to get that size at a reasonable price?


The cool thing is that the bottles from Liquid Barn (500ml)have the exact size neck needed to slap on an Adapta Cap used for pharma Rx bottles for Oral medications. They screw on, and the top press closes. I only use it for the VG, as I always need 21ml, and just do the PG by weight. I draw it into a 10ml (oral) syringe. The neat thing is most pharmacies will give you an adapta Cap if you ask, they usually fit the more common 30/60/75ml bottles in the pharmacy. When I buy in bulk, I just keep refilling the 500ml bottles.



The press fit adapters work great too if you can’t get the right size needed to screw on to your particular bottle.


I use the 500ml bottle from LB. And the ones they sell those PG/VG in are quite similar.


I unscrew to cap of a liter bottle and poor until I’m nearly there, then I’ve got a 100ml bottle with a dropper nose for the finer measurement. Goes a lot quicker than any other method I previously used and doesn’t require me to refill the 100ml bottle very often.


i ordered some 10 ml syringe’s 2 500 ml bottles and 2 250 bottles from LB


For the little story, I bought two lab grade ldpe bottles with twist caps just to find that my Pg/vg alreasy came in exactly the same bottles. I reused the twist caps and have spare 500ml bottles if I ever want to mix that much juice at once.
A year later, I have quite a few 500ml bottles spare from the empty Pg/vg bottles…
I find 1l bottles too big to be practical. Also, I had vg in a 1l pet bottle, and it was not rigid enough for a precise pour even for more viscous vg.
Also, as I mix 70vg, I usually don’t need that much PG so I use a 100ml bottle with a needle tip for it rather than a 500 as I would overshoot with the larger bottle ( and lower viscosity). Same with distilled water.


@Vaporraven only bottles I use, unless I’m doing a mega mix…

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If you have a Dollar Tree store or any Walmart,Target etc… I bought a yellow & red condiment squeeze bottles (just be sure to cover small hole with something when not in use.) Don’t want any dust etc getting in your mix. Yellow is my PG dispenser and Red is for VG dispensing. Been using them for quite a while and work great and very convenient and at Dollar Stores they cost me $1.00 each.

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I have a 10ml syring for pg and then a 180ml HUMCO bottle for the vg. It was something I bought in an emergency because I was in the middle of a move, but its worked great since. If I were to go buy bottles specifically for this and had time to wait for it to come in, i’d totally go for this design. It’s got a cap-able syringe and can hold a lot of ml.

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I’m able to just pour VG out of the gallon jug into my mixing beaker since it’s thick enough I can slow it down as I start to get close and can just use a pipette to finish off the last gram or so. I’ve got a 120ml PET twist-top I filled with PG with the aid of a Pyrex funnel and dispense from there. I don’t have to fill it up too often though since most of my flavors and nic are PG based and I just have to top it off with PG to get my desired 30/70 mix.