PG vs VG for flavor

Hey everyone. I have quick question about PG/VG.
I’ve been mixing for a few months now, I have always mixed Max VG. I know basically VG is mostly for clouds and mutes flavors and PG is a bit harsher on the throat but is a flavor carrier.
Is there really very much of a difference in the amount of flavor you get from PG vs VG?
I would just mix up a quick batch and see but I don’t have any PG right now.
After my initial recipe disaster with PG, I got rid of my pg. :grinning:

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We all like a good story…


Yes we do. Give us the juice on the PG fiasco Saxon! Please :grinning:


With VG being a thicker liquid it takes a bit longer for flavours to blend into it but the end result should be the same


and add to what @Grubby said you can make a flavor base for the VG if you do max VG or 70/30 (vg/pg) once the flavors have maked for about 1 week add it to the vg and pg and then let it steep for how ever long to steep for!

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I told this story not too long ago on a different post

If I remember correctly
My first mix was Raspberry Wintergreen. I don’t remember the amounts, but it was 100% Pg and the nicotine was WAY too high. Talk about a throat hit. I think it cauterized my tonsils.

That’s exactly why I went 100% pg. I was completely clueless. I mean so you sit down at your cool little mixing station. Loosely measure out a couple chemicals. Dump them in your new little plastic bottles, you know the ones with little pointy tip thingy. Shake it up real good. Squeeze some into the little glass tube that sits on top of your mod, overfilling it, pfffft, no big deal. Then fire that baby up with a nice big direct lung inhale. Really, how hard can it be?


Thanks @Grubby

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Thanks Saxon. I think I do remeber you telling about that but still a good read.

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Allow me to respond as a seasoned representative of the VG only crowd here on ELR.

My base for mixing is: 94% VG, 5% Distilled Water, 1% Absolut Vodka. The Vodka breaks the flavoring into the VG essentially in about 2 days and the water thins the VG. A slight heating after mixing, lid off one night to gas off the alcohol and a good shake makes a delicious vape, ready in about 4 days.

Moral of the story:

You don’t need no stinking PG in your mixes, Pauly.

Love, Gramma


:laughing: Thanks Gramma @Maureeenie

I totally agree PG is not needed to have great flavor in a vape. I am now totally PG free with the use of Real Flavors VG based and Super Concentrates flavorings. I also add Distilled water to many of my mixes but have not tried the vodka yet anyway.

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Your welcome!

Not to brag or anything but this took me about 4 months to figure out and I consider a lifetime achievement.

My mixes are smooth as silk on the throat and lungs - and make beautiful puffy clouds that fog mirrors and windows everywhere in a very short period of time.

P.S. Don’t use cheap Vodka. You don’t need much, use the best!

Those RF flavors are knocking me over, I can’t believe how good they are. The Vodka speeds up the flavor soaking into the VG. Cuts the steep time in half. Try it.


I totally agree with you. I gave away all of my other flavorings that were PG base.(About 300 dollars worth) and am now using only RF

I had recently given up on vaping and returned to smoking due to PG issues.

Thanks to @Walt_RealFlavors and the rest of the team at Real Flavors and there dedication to PG free flavorings I am now able to vape again.


I know full well that 90% or more people think this way but I whole heartedly disagree with this.

I am beginning to believe that PG has nothing more to do with flavor than altering the viscosity of the VG to make it wick faster. That allows more of the flavoring itself to get to the coil faster therefore giving the perception of more flavor. That is why I think there is the misconception that PG is needed to CARRY the flavor better.

I have been mixing PG free for about 2 months now and thru experiments using different equipment and wicking methods I have found there to be just as much flavor and a much smoother and pleasant vape. easy on the lungs and without that harsh to me anyway throat hit that comes with using PG.

I also mix for my Son and Wife and they use 70/30 or 80/20 blends and are good with the PG. I am not ok with anything about using PG in the mix and can achieve a level of flavor just as good using 100% VG.

I have found the secret to be in getting it to wick properly.

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Thanks @wvsanta. Very good advice. You and Gramma have saved me from having to go out and buy a bottle of PG. Although, I do have to go buy some “good” vodka apparently. hehe. Wait … I think the PG would be cheaper :laughing:

Cheaper is not always better. :+1:

Found this listing of all former Open Source Vapor recipes and many are pure VG with a touch of water and MF flavors.
Sites under high load and I can’t open a recipe directly at the moment. 30 or so recipes shown.

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I’ve got two viscosities I mix at: max VG and 70VG/30PG. When I’m mixing the same flavours at the same percentages, I don’t notice a difference between the two. They taste the same to me. There is a slight difference in steeping time - a couple of days - which only really affects SNV recipes.

The only purpose I have found for mixing 70/30 is dealing with winter. Max VG doesn’t wick as easily, which is incredibly noticeable when the temperature gets down to -20 Celsius. I’ll probably go back to Max VG when I put away my winter coat, but that’s just to make mixing easier. As long as it’s wicking well, there’s no flavour difference that I can find.