PG woes sigh

I am battling with PG as of recently like last 2 weeks off and on sore throat. I know the remedy and all that rehydrate. Anyway that’s not where I’m headed with this discussion …
I have decided to do VG max and low % on my PG flavors. I was expecting dull boring flavors just to get my throat healed and pass this episode of irritation. Well I stand corrected !

48 mg / 100% VG used 10% flavor or less used a warmed base and spun my batch once done in the magnetic mixer and bam I have been totally happy. This is coming from a girl that would of passed on any recipe under 15% my norm is 18-20 30/70vg hmm this really makes me happy.

I can not say enough good things about my magnetic mixer. Thank you @Shaner for linking me cuz our little ancient mixer kicks butt ugly as sin but works like a charm for 15$. So my discussion/ curiosity is what is the Best low PG VG Max recipes that you got ! New horizon for me ! Especially looking forward to healing quickly.

Here’s one I made last night !
(Shake and vape after a few hours )

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This is seriously the best strawberry banana mix I’ve made yet. I mixed it up in the magnetic mixer for a good 15 minutes last night my Nic and VG was already warmed. Let it sit open for about 30 minutes then closed it up for the night. Vaped it this am ( had to add a couple drops of Dw to my tank ) but for dripping it’d be perfect. I expect it to steep further but as of now it may not make it lol. The banana mix is a base I make combining a few banana I like together no VG just the flavors put together in their own bottle and I draw from there. The banana base is on my page. Use the blue wrench to make the flavor base. Hope you like it ! The NWF are available at ECX they are VG based. I am unfortunately fastly becoming intolerant to PG with constant sore throat. Sucks so bad. Made 7/17


Hey if you dont mind what magnetic mixer did you find for $15? I have always been curious to try one but in the small search I did they were all $60 or more but like I said I really didnt search that much.
Im currently using my homemade twin spinners that I made which work great but for only $15 I’m interested to see what all the rage is about :wink:

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Thomas Scientific Magne-Matic Model 15 Stirrer
I think I ended up paying 15$ plus shipping. Anyhow this guy had 2 on eBay and they were sold as is old and ugly but with a lil elbow grease cleaned up nice.

Try to google this model there are many new models that are extremely expensive.

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Wow you must’ve been real lucky cause I cant find anything even close to that! Except a few for 30 and none work!? WTH am I going to do with a $30 chunk of metal haha
I love my little spinner anyways;-)

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I went max VG a long time ago and sing the praises of it! I get enough throat hit by using 100% PG Nic and the PG in the flavorings; plenty for me. I don’t find a high VG mix to dampen flavorings; that’s just me.


I’ve kind of settled at 30/70 PG/VG.

I’m using VG Nic and PG flavours so have to add a small amount of PG to my mixes.

I haven’t noticed a great deal of difference between Max VG and my current 30/70.

My max VG were only maxing at about 80%-87% VG anyway so not too far away.

I don’t get an increased throat hit at all from the difference in PG but then that’s just me.

I’ve always got plenty of PG anyway as a lot of folks I make liquids for use 50/50’s.

I’ve even got some PEG400 floating around in the cupboard for those completely intolerant to PG (needless to say I’ve never used it).



You’re welcome. Like ya said, a little beat up and ugly but the little mixers work like a champ. I love mine and I’m glad you’re happy with yours, I would of felt bad if ya didn’t like it since I recommended it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Great looking recipe, perhaps ill grab a couple of those NWF flavorings and give them a go.

Now i am not entirely sure if you was you, @Amy2, that i was having the rhubarb discussion with but i think it was. INW sells a rhubarb.


it was me, and I just seen it online BCV over the weekend. Thank you ! Did you try it yet ? Also how is the funnel cake going ? FA Joy was it … I would like some of that now !

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lol you live and learn if there woulda been 3 of em’ that one woulda prob been the one that wouldn’t of worked.
Now w/ our mixer I’ve noticed w/ certain size magnets it works better on a lower number versus going up to say 7 or above does not work as well. I tend to hang in the area of 4-6 speed wise ? how about you ? and the batch size isn’t too finicky with this either.

I havent tried it yet but i did have my first slice of strawberry rhubarb pie while on vacation. Well at least i thought it was my first, with the first whiff i had a flood of memories eating it as a kid. The things we forget…

No joy for me, i still havent gotten my hands on grubby mitts on any. Soon, soon.

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Aw rhubarb pie is the bomb isn’t it ! Glad you had good memories ! And as for the Joy we all want it now !!!

I placed an order today but I didn’t order Rhubarb BCV. They have it $4.75 for 10ml.

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Dang it! Just ordered from BCV myself and didn’t get the rhubarb! Oh well…next time!

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Yeah it definitely works better at certain speeds but a couple things will affect it. Mostly the thickness of the mix, a 50/50 mix I can pretty much run at full speed but if I am mixing a 70/30 or max VG I have to get the mix pretty warm to run it much faster than 5 or 6.
It also helps to use a larger beaker so it’s not as deep … mix 10 mls in a 50 ml beaker or 30 mls in a 120 ml beaker. The shallower (depth wise) and the thinner the mix is the easier it is to run at higher speeds to get that much desired whirl pool effect going on.

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Kewl ! I will bookmark this ! Thanks

Oh and just an update guys absolutely no sore throat since switching to max VG batches. If I start vaping something I made earlier within a few minutes I start getting that cotton- throat feeling. Looks like a huge clean out session will be happening oh so much time put into this stock. Can’t vape it though.


I cleaned my old stash yesterday. I had about 20 bottles of 24g nic recipes. I vaped it forward to a guy that works with me. He has 8 kids and money is pretty tight. He usually vape single flavor low budget juice. He was very happy when a gave him that bag of juice.


That is so sweet of you. I wish I knew someone. Most of it has gone down the drain already. We’re temporary workers in this town so I don’t know anyone out here. I could of possibly of mail it back to Florida to my brother. Oops. Well I have a little problem I make too many juices ! Love changing flavors. My batches are small anyhow. Your a good man now the guy can vape quality stuff and know its clean.