Physical locations of flavor sellers

I have a unique situation. We travel full-time in an RV. It is very difficult to get shipments since either the places we stay don’t accept shipments or we aren’t anywhere long enough for them to get here because of limits on how long you can stay. Sometimes we just don’t stay in a place long enough.

Does anyone know of any places that sell the flavors to make juice along the I-90 interstate between Rapid City, SD and Erie, PA? We are going to be traveling along that route in the next week(ish) or so and I need to flavors to make some juice. Buying pre-made is killing me.


The best solution i could think of would be to rent a box for example, mailbox etc or similar store. They may even allow storage from store to store that way u can estimate which stor would be closest in the time it would be delivered. GL to u and that "unique’ situation sounds like a blast!


Ok. when you get into Gary, IN. after coming through Chicago, Take the I-94 into Michigan you will be going to
Contact Us
2571 Dixie Hwy
Waterford, MI 48328
United States of America
Call : 248-558-2003

I Drove an 18 wheeler for 20 years and have done this very thing many a time (for various reasons) and it really isn’t that far out of the way and it is the only place I know of en route. They have a very large selection and you can park across the street.

your gps will get you there and if not I can give you better directions

Good Luck

ps it will be north of Detroit in the Pontiac area


I’m not in the US but I found


@Josephine_van_Rijn I do believe they are looking for concentrates and the places you listed do not sell concentrates, they sell premade liquid and vape gear.

That was a super cool thing to do though


I thought that might be the case but I wasn’t sure. But he might be able to locate DIY shops through that vapelocal website, maybe… :sweat_smile:


Real Flavors is located just north of Detroit as well, I believe. @Walt_RealFlavors might be able to chime in and let you know if you can put in an order, and pick it up on your way by.


I have a warehouse right off I-90 in Ohio. (I think that is the turnpike correct?)

DIY in Waterford stocks pretty much everything. Jamie and I hang out all the time haha. They support the community so much behind the scenes.


That or if you even have an address you will be at for a day or so, we can ship and have it to you next day…


I don’t know how it is up in that part of the US but here in middle Tennessee any vape shops that make juice in house, will sell small 30ml bottles of flavoring for 2 or 3 dollars. If that helps any.:grinning:


yep, that is the turnpike. where at in Ohio?