Pick Your Favorite Driptip, Win Heaven Gifts Gift Cards (Ended)

Folks, we have a chance to be an E-CIG designer this time! Heaven Gifts and Vapeonly jointly launch this contest to dig your design talent! No matter you are new to vape device or expereiced, we believe all of you want to get ideal gears. Well, Vapeonly wants to listen your voice, let you make the decision which design fits your taste.

Vapeonly was scheduling to produce cool drip tips to fit Ploom pre-filled cartridges.

To enter:
Pick your favorite driptip/driptips from the drafts below and Why (Every draft has a number marked below to identify)(The answer could be multiple ones)

1.Each member can have at most 3 times to join.
2.We select 1 winner via random.org on August 2,2017
3.The winner will get one $50 Heaven Gifts giftcard
4.We need at least 25 participants.


1#. B-7
Thanks for the Chance

2# B-5
Very sharp :+1:

3#. A-4
The winner of a chicken dinner :fire::fire::fire::fire:

Post 1

A3 is my favorite out of all of the choices.

Post 2

The reason I like a3 is because its the only one (besides a1 which is kinda ugly) that covers the whole cartridge.

Post 3

My second choice would be A4. I like the shape.

@Jenny1978 @SessionDrummer @Daven @juice_junkie_lover @Norseman @woftam @Lolly @TheTinMan1 @Steampugs @Bob_Bitchen

  1. I have to choose B-6.
  1. Normally I don’t like multi-piece drip tips, but it looks solid when assembled.
  1. Thanks out to @VapeyMama for the tip off, and I think we need some more input here … @JoJo @Fozzy71 @woftam @TheTinMan1 @Cutlass92 @Jenny1978 @Jayrell @Silhouette @R113
  1. A2 - goes well with my mod when I am walking through forest.
  1. B1 - classy and shiny, looks cool.
  1. B6 - Awesome looks and very useful for knowing when to clean your driptip.

#1 A4 looks like a winner to me. I like the different shape.

#2 A3 looks like a possible winner in my book as well. I’ve never used a 2 piece drip tip, and the fact that once assembled it appears to be seamless is nice.

#3 A1 looks nice as well for the same reason

Number one #1 A4. I like the shape

Number #2 B5 I like the shape

Number #3 B7 because I like the shape.

I like A-1. I like the curved bit and the fact that what I’m guessing is the cartridge is fully hidden in the tip.