Picking VG/PG percentages,

How do you pick VG/PG percentages? Do you pick it based on formulas…say that your flavorings add up to 17% so your vg/pg would be 83/17?
Random choice?
Familiarity with the selection? I always make 60/40, i’ll stick with it.
What do you look for? :slight_smile:

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To be honest I mix everything at a 30pg/70vg and use an ejuice calulator to do the math for me. That way the final product is 30/70.

Numbers and words are hard😜

Beyond that if you are taking someone else’s recipie designed for a 50/50 up to max vg you may need to play with the percents of flavor to get the same desire flavor profile. It’s not a perfect science.


I use PG/VG 60/40 because I read the VG was for higher vapor and the higher the PG the better the flavor. I started using 50/50 because that’s all my local shop sells in their house selections.

Yup. That’s what a lot of people report…pg carrying the flavor.

But it’s all about preferance, device/tank, ect. A lot of the local shops do the 50/50 because of the tank/atty their selling. A 70 vg or 80 vg, due to the thickness, doesn’t work as well compared to 50/50 blends in some of those prebuilt coils.

When they sell to the newer vape’sta those initial lower price setups won’t work to well with 80vg juices…gotta keep the customer happy. Gotta keep them coming back and happy.

For me, oh makes my throat scratchy. 50/50 kills me. 40pg/60vg I can do, and when I fight with flavorings I go to that ratio (not in the last 6 months). But it seems I can vape all day at 30/70. Zero throat irritation.


For 5+ years I vaped a single, simple homemade recipe, but then discovered sub-ohm tanks. I started buying commercial juices, and started taking copious notes on each juice. I noted the quality of the recipe, the strength of the flavor, how much I liked it, and any thoughts that popped into my head when vaping it.

From analyzing these notes, it seemed that juices mixed at 70% VG / 30% PG worked well for me. It was a good mix for wicking in the tanks I had. A couple 60/40 juices seemed a little thin, and were the ones that spit more frequently (that’s quite possibly possibly anecdotal since I didn’t record or analyze the specifics on spitting). A few “MaxVG” commercial juices didn’t wick so well, though some did. (This is probably because “MaxVG” is a unknown percentage.)

With that data in mind, I started mixing at 70/30 when I started doing DIY 5 or 6 weeks ago.

But from some other threads around here, some pointed questions and some helpful answers, I’ve learned some more things. Like PG giving more throat hit, and VG reducing flavor, and I’ve picked up some wicking advice for RDAs.

So with this in mind, I decided to do some comparisons. I mixed up 2 variations of 2 different recipes today. I made up a bottle of each recipe at 70/30 and another at 55/45. When they’re done steeping, I’m going to load them into my TFV4s atop my Coolfire TC100s - luckily I have two of each - and I’m going to load a brand new Clapton coil in each tank. And I’m going to try those juices in my Velocity V2 RDAs - I’ve got two of those, too. And I’ll put in fresh coils with fresh wick, building as identical as possible.

After comparing 2 variations of 2 recipes in 2 identical tanks and 2 identical RDAs, I figure that I should have a decent idea of what works for me. Does the 55/45 give me a noticeable increase in flavor strength? Does the 55/45 give me a noticeable increase in throat hit? Is the 55/45 too thin for my tanks? Or my RDAs? Time will tell…

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Like so many things in our vaping adventures, it’s all about personal preferences. Equipment wicking, vapor production, flavor. It’s a ‘recipe’ just like juices we mix. I have limitations, as to how much my lungs can handle. I’m soon to be 62, 45+ years of that, smoking. I can’t do the high power stuff. I tried sub ohm, but settled in at less than 10 watts, simple, single coils always above 1 ohm (1.6 is my preferred sweet spot). My preferred ratio, after experimenting, is 60V/40P. I find that to be a good balance between making ‘enough’ vapor, and getting the flavor I want.

That’s just me. It works. In a few weeks, it’ll be 1 year since I touched a cig. I’m happy.


Try everything and decide what you like!

When I first started vaping everything was 80/20 PG/VG, and then I got some 65/35, and 50/50 and one day I accidentally bought some “max VG”. I liked the max VG so much that’s what I went with when mixing, but then recently I’ve been playing with 20/80 and 30/70 and found that I’m pretty happy with anything 70% VG or more.

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I think 70vg/30pg or 75vg/25pg are perfect. With max Vg you lose on flavor and have to “steep” longer . If the PG is to high then you get to harsh of a throat hit . I really don’t care about clouds as much as flavor. If you find a recipe that is like 50/50 and wanna go up on the Vg then it probably won’t taste the same . You would definitely have to adjust the % of flavoring. Of course this is just my opinion based on my experiences .