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Pico Squeeze 2 and an RDA is it worth it?


Ya they do but it is only relatively new and didn’t have any of the colours I was ordering so it all came out of China


Just out of curiosity, why did you need so many, was it wholesale?


Ya it was. There wasn’t a nodding emoji :grin:


right on bro. I had to change my response and feel a little silly about it. I sometimes react with emotion and…

anywho, I am curious. Do you have a brick and morter shop or ebay or or or? It is none of my business so if you don’t answer I get it.


Run a little shop from home - I live in a very small town the closest vape shop is about 200km + away so I just fill the gap locally.


Super Cool dude. I have a dream…


Chase it mate it wont come looking for you :+1::+1::+1:


Hello, we recommend choose the US Dedicated,7-12 business days, and the first order has 10% OFF, coupon code: first10 , so the total price will not over $40, more cheaper than other stores.


Thanks, @Dan_the_Man! Off to check your review now. Was just shopping these yesterday, and hoping to grab one on payday. My Tesla Punk took a tumble to ceramic tile, and is now enjoying its eternal slumber, well earned for my trusty PV. So I’m hunting like a madwoman for new mod… ya’ll don’t even want to see the scary 6 year old aspire mod I am reduced to using, plus stealing puffs here and there from my guy and my roommates mods, when i can get away with it. lol I’m on a big budget, but was really hoping to get a daily mod and a squonker. I theeenk, after loads and loads of searching, I’m going to get one of these Pico Squeeze 2 (Dazzling! So fun) from a US seller, and then order a SMOANT Naboo 225W kit from a APAC region, like FastTech or EfunTop. I’ve promised myself I’ll never be reduced to using the crappy circa 2010 mod ever, ever again (it is SO bad! So bad!) so this way I’ll get the Pico Squeeze quick, and don’t mind waiting for the Naboo. I haven’t tried a squonk mod since like 2010ish…this was way before RDAs. We used to use these little exposed metal ‘dripping’ atomizers with a ‘v’ of metal at the top, no cotton of any sort. It was not a great experience back then, so I’m dying to see how much its improved.

Question, for any of you with the Pico Squeeze 2… If you also have a Profile (24 mm is one I’m looking at, I don’t think the 25 mm profile would fit), does the mod look ok with the ‘beauty ring’ around the Profile? I’m thinking that will be my squonk setup, but its hard to guestimate what it will look like. I’m hoping one of you has both and has tried em together.


25mm tanks fit fine


Here is the Profile with the beauty ring on the squeeze 2.


I don’t know about the Profile… but, here’s a listing and specs for a Pico 2 kit w/RDA. I know these dudes are out of stock on the Pico 2, but this post is just for specifics on the mod.

My wife likes hers a lot, but, it does weigh half a pound w/battery, sans RDA… so keep that in mind… she feels like it’s the heaviest mod she owns. :confused:


Breazy has them for $30.00


@Flavor_Alchemist Yep! That’s exactly where I’m getting mine, and I’m hoping since its from the US warehouse, breazy has them in US stock, it’ll be quick. I am DYING on the elderly Aspire. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
@Kinnikinnick Thank you! I definitely knew all Profiles would fit, but I’m fussy and I really wanted to use that beauty ring with it. Thrilled to know it’ll fit.
@mjag That. Is. Awesome!!! Thank you so very much. Seeing that photo, wow. Just exactly what I needed. Looks fantastic!
@Dan_the_Man I’m middle of your review now. Cute puppy! Cracking up over the whistle, and I do vape in the dark a lot, oddly enough, so the light show works for me. BTW, I watched at least 3 review vids with builds on this mod yesterday, just following store links when I was shopping. Do you know not a single one of the reviewers, and these are good reviewers that I trust… pointed out that you could REMOVE THE BACK WALL of the RDA to make building easier??? Hell of a catch! You are good, man!!! Especially with that angle, and having to pre-cut the coils to avoid shorts… being able to take that back metal wall off during a build is huge. Thank you!!!


aawww shucks… :blush: I am glad I could help. I am very glad I made you laugh and thank you for your support, it truly means a lot.

Someday I will have some of the cheapest, or should I say inexpensive vape gear on the web. :crossed_fingers: I am starting to think that I should have a professional build my web page, it isn’t as easy as I thought it would be LOL.

Just so you know, I will do any tutorial or review or whatever you need. If I don’t have what you are looking for, I will get it.

Also, I will be doing a video (soon) of several different ways to build Claptons and using tools to make it easier, still working out the details…