Pics of old Mods

While poking around the basement I found a box with some old mods. This stuff was top notch gear back in the day.

From left to right:
A Pure Smoker 14440
A Prodigy by I dunno, maybe Pure Smoker. Man I loved that Prodigy. I think I owned 3 over the years.
A very early no-name 18650.
Then 2 early ProVape 14440s. My wife loved those.
Down in front is a Pure Smoker USB-Passthru. Batteries? We didn’t need no stinkin’ batteries.


I don’t remember the name of these, but they are 5 or 6 years old.


I owned one of those! I cannot remember the name either.

Were those Hades, @Alisa ?

The version 1 ‘Screwdriver’

An old squonk…kinda like someone I know…


The one at the front looks my dremel! lol

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My Tesla 120 must be getting old, it’s going grey on top like me. lol

Actually it was dropped and the top had about a zillion little cracks in it, the 510 fitting was loose and wobbly. I glued a piece of hardwood on top and then filed/sanded it smooth. I still need to put a coat of finish on it just not sure what I’m gonna put on it.


A few of our old mods and get this the bottom pic is one order from my go to juice company I stocked up every time he had a sale or I had extra money.


the good old sniper mod all cleaned up sanded and varnished still use this mod everynonce imn a while


I still have my SVD as well, take it out from time to time to reminisce. I loved that Lightsaber along with an Igo-W then a W4. Even if it did have a funky button i loved it.


Oldie but a Goodie the MoneyPenny


Yes, Pure Smoker Prodigy & Protege. The middle 18650 mod is a Chuck.

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These were from VaprLife, VP-1 14500 mods.

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