Pineapple recipe

I use a concentrate called jumanji which is pineapple, mango and coconut. There are so many varients of each flavour where to start. I have read flavour notes on here, i found a recipe which is all TFA flavours, there are people saying tfa pineapple is not nice.
Any recommendations as to what is best of each flavour


Taste is subjective, I happen to like TFA Pineapple. If you found an all TFA recipe that you think looks good just pick up 10ml of each flavor and give it a try, TFA flavors are economical. To replicate a commercial juice is no easy task, you may find you can create something better!


Thanks for the reply, i do use a lot of TFA flavours, just seemed a lot of negatives on the pineapple. No i would be quite happy do get something similar flavour wise.


I may give a Pineapple / Mango / Coconut mix a try, I do like those flavors (except for the mango) hehe…
But here’s a different one I did with TFA Pineapple that I really like:


I think the negativity came from the cloudiness the flavor has . When i first tried it all of my recipes were cloudy and it freaked me out. To be honest ive never revisted it because of that


Never heard of the Jumanji concentrate but LOVE pineapple. My favorites are:

Right now I am on sort of a INW and FE pineapple kick, they compliment each other well. The last one, nom nomz supercharged, is new for me but I like it this far. The FW Natural Pineapple is not strong, have to ise it high, but it can bw delicious. Don’t bother with the FW normal pineapple, it is not as good as the natural version.

I was thinking since it is a pineapple, mango and coconut mix they could have used a pinacolada mix, then added mango? I have not used many pinacolada flavors so can’t help out much of it is.

Not a huge mango user but my favorite has to be:

Coconut I haven’t dived back into but from memory TFA Coconut Candy, FLV Sweet Coconut, VSO Coconut, FA Coconut LB Coconut Milk I have enjoyed in the past.

Try some 10ml small bottles and good luck


Thanks for the information, i will take a look at those pineapple flavours. I didnt think of using a pinacolada flavour and adding a mango flavour to it


That reminds me that INW Cocopilada is one I use a lot. It is more heavy on the coconut with a slight sweet pineapple but it is delicious if used right.

The juice you mentioned, is one flavor more prominent? I never thought to make a pineapple, mango coconut but it sounds like it might be good :+1:


Thanks for the reply
Pineapple and Mango are the prominent flavour, coconut in the background.