Pineapple Taffy Muted Flavor

Hi All,

I am new to the forum and appreciate some of the fantastic info you all contribute on here.

I have recently been playing with a Pineapple Taffy blend. It smells great but flavor is totally muted. I am mixing at 70/30 vg/pg.
Mixing: salt water taffy 8% (fw)
Pineapple (alcohol based conc) 1.25%

I have used both these flavors on their own and they are perfect. I have mixed taffy at 13% or pineapple at 2.5%.

Combined all i taste is vg. Has anyone experienced this beforehand and got any advice for a budding mixologist? :smiley:

My first guess is vapers tongue - to remedy just quit vaping for a while or switch up juices…
That or it’s just a bad mix, some flavorings just don’t blend together well.
Are you steeping the mix? Some flavorings can really mute a recipe, especially with a steep.
I don’t know either of these flavors, so perhaps I am not the most qualified to answer…

Thanks Dr F.
I have tried steeping and warm water bath (10 days).
I also tried a second batch with addition of some distilled water at 2% to thin the VG out a little with zero positive effects.

I am in absolute denial that it could be vapers tongue. Not too keen on having a break from the vape :disappointed_relieved:

What device(s) are you using? Just curious why you’re thinning 70% VG?

Hi Georgio, I vape a lot of taffy. My guess is the FW Salt Water Taffy is overwhelming your mix. I use that flavor more like an additive. For instance, one of my recipes I use 2% CAP Strawberry Taffy and 1% FW Salt Water Taffy and the rest is mostly fruit. Real Flavors makes a nice Taffy Base which I am experimenting with. Purilum also makes a Strawberry Taffy which I bought but haven’t used yet. Good luck! Curious to know how it turns out, pineapple taffy sounds good.

I have tried this mix using govad rta, single coal at 0.6ohms at 40-50w. Pulse 24 dual coil at 0.19ohms, squonking at 50-60w. I tried multiple wicking methods eg scottish roll etc.
Initially i was thinking that the mix was to thick and that the flavors werent mixing well enough. I added the dw to aid with this and potentially help carry some flavor. Definitely didnt add anything.

Awesome Jim. Thank you.