Pink Coloured Flavouring?

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I recently started to enjoy the “I Love Donuts” E-Liquid from MadHatterJuice but wanted to come up with my own version as its obviously far more cost effective when you find yourself vaping gallons of the stuff! Ive come up with something that to my taste buds tastes very similar but i believe i may still be missing a special ingredient as the “I Love Donuts” juice has a distinct pink colour to it whereas my juice is pretty much completely clear

Would any of you fine people know whether the missing ingredient is actually a pink coloured flavouring of some sort (if so, what flavour is it?) or is it possible that they added some food colouring perhaps?



If it tastes good to you, I wouldn’t worry about the color. Clear is better, anyway! :slightly_smiling: There are some flavorings that have color to them that isn’t added, but it’s also an equally likely possibility that the company adds color to their liquids. Why they would want to do that, I don’t know. Personally, I don’t like the idea of vaping rainbow lake dye no. 5 billion, so I try to steer clear of anything that’s got color added to it.

If you really think the juice is missing something in the taste, though, then keep trying to pin it down. That would help more than trying to find a flavoring based on the color.


They add colouring to make their juice more attractive in sales to younger folks, I suppose. Over here in China the coloured juice sells a lot better than the uncoloured, less fancy version. :grinning:

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Many thanks for the replies, much appreciated :slight_smile:

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Someone told me that companies use vegetable dye?
Don’t know the safety aspect though?

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I personally dont think there is dye in this specific juice, why? I believe that 2 of the ingredients in this juice are Vanillin and blueberry extra. If you look at blueberry extra, its like a purpley/brown/pink AND (apparently) vanillin takes on a pink tint as it steeps (my tfa vanillin does not) and ilovedonuts is that same kind of pinkish, dark purplish kind of tone.

I will say, that this is as far as I’ve gotten with a clone and I’d love to figure out what is going on in that bottle but I’ve hit a wall right now. So I hope this helps you

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In for recipe!

HI Scott

welcome to diy ive been watching your reviews from the start of Vaping in the Uk, if you didn’t review it I didn’t Vape it.
With regards to colour its best to leave it clear as I tried adding blue colouring to a liquid and gave a weird taste to it pal.
Are you still in the review business ive not been on your channel for awhile as im DIY all the way now.
Kindest regards

Ash Brice

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Another pink colored flavoring from TFA is French vanilla cream.


hi mate,

yeah i still upload 2 reviews per week plus a vlog :slightly_smiling:



Hi what recipe did you use? I’m struggling to make it and dont like paying £14 ever few days!

hi mate,

you can find my recipe on my profile page -

Cheers I’ll give that a try, wouldn’t have ever thought it had coconut in it!

i never saw the word “colored” so many times in a thread. you guys are a bunch of racists.

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Lol, just goes to show how taste is so subjective…I think the original has a fairly strong taste of coconut and the smell of coconut is pretty strong too! :smiley:

Yeah it does! It’s weird as I dislike coconut but then again some recipes I make have some weird ingredients in but they just work

There’s definitely some kind of coconut note in it I’m not sure if its actual coconut or if it’s possibly the coconut note some have report from tfa cheesecake graham.

You should also consider adding vanillin - its very prominent (to me) in the original.

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Just wanted to mention that I’ve also enjoyed your videos since the beginning :slight_smile:

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cheers, and thank you for watching! :smiley:

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