Pink Lemonade

I used to be able to buy 100ml pink lemonade eliquid from the local shop (it was my adv ) which made it themselves however they wouldn’t give the recipe. I’m trying to recreate it myself. I already tried a basic recipe of lemonade (FW) and strawberry ripe which was absolutely horrible. I am certain the lemonade used in the original was not FW. The e liquid i’m trying to create could be considered more of a lucozade type of lemonade. The flavour west flavor i found was VERY natural lemon rather than the type that would be used in lucozade. The eliquid was sweet and also had a sour and fizz taste. This shop i used to get it from sold many of their own mixes, one of which i’m 90% sure was the unicorn milk recipe on this site with maybe a slight alteration therfore I’m thinking this recipe could be ELEMENT Pink Lemonade clone by micah. I have just ordered the ingredients for that recipe minus the vanilla swirl (out of stock). Can someone that has tried that reciepe tell me if it’s like i described?


It’s not exactly a pink lemonade, but the real flavors strawberry lemonade is very good, imo. I mix it at 4% as a sf

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I I’ve never had lucozade, but I can tell you that Micah’s recipe is extremely good if you want a sweet lemonade.
Definitely follow his steeping suggestion of at least 5 days as the Lime Tahiti owns the mix up until that point.

I don’t get any fizzyness from the recipe, just a good sweet lemonade/candy flavor.

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Anyone here tried Liquid Barn’s pink lemonade concentrate? I have seen people in other forums saying it is pretty good…

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I have tried it and I think it is good, but not great. Better than CAP Pink Lemonade for sure but I still think taking a lemon/ lemonade and adding cranberry, cherry, strawberry, pomegranate, or raspberry to it would have a better result.

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Sounds good, as i said in my original post i couldn’t get vanilla swirl, is there anything i could substitute for it? Edit i’ve tried without the vanilla swirl, added 0.5% koolada, WOW this liquid is awesome!

Do not intend to spam here but i have made the element pink lemonade recipe and it was phenomenal! however i really loved it as a shake and vape but after a day or so it changes, im still a beginner but is there anyway to keep that same taste rather than have it fade? it seemed like the lime was more prominent as a shake and vape but then faded into the background after a while of steeping. would upping the lime percentages work?