Pinkman DIY juice

I have recently started making my own juice and have found 60/40 50/50 VG/PG is about right for me, however I have only used Heisenberg concentrate before now and as far as I know Heisenberg is a shake and vape flavour. (Been working with 15% flavour when mixing and tastes great at 60/40) I have just this morning got some pinkman concentrate to mix some up but when I did a 50/50 with 15% pinkman the flavour is very distant, I actually read on this forum it was a shake and vape juice and worked well at this % so not sure what is going on. Does the flavour percentage rise with more VG because of the thickness and mixing process ?? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! P.s you can see my mix on my recipe page on this site

I used pinkman only the other day

Its was
10% pinkman
3 nic

Shook it and lovely flavor hope it helps mate the more pg the more flavor

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Did you shake the concentrate before mixing?


Cheers guys, yes daarth I have a electric coffee whisker to whisk it up good :slight_smile: I am using a kangertech subbox mini with the 0.5 0CC vertical coils if that helps . I’m drinking loads of water atm to rule out vapers tongue as Heisenberg is one of the most flavourable juices I’ve ever tasted. I get a distant taste of sherbet lemon coming through (at least I think that’s what it is I can taste) but its very bland and almost tasteless if I’m honest. Got the concentrate from vampire vapes same as Heisenberg and that worked well .

Btw what app is that you are using in the screenshot mate?

No worries Dave I have found the app buddy, when setting a new recipe up what does gravity part mean??

No I meant shake the concentrate before you start mixing… :smile:

You know what I didn’t no lol didn’t even think about it and to be honest I never have but now you mention it, that could be the reason ?

Btw if this is the reason I’ll feel stupid haha

No reason for that :slight_smile: Just get into the habit of shaking the crap out of your concentrates just before you mix with them :slight_smile: Same with your nicotine juice! :smile: It’s probably not that, though - but it could be contributing…

:slight_smile: no problem dude going to mix some more when I get home and leave it while I sleep :slight_smile: I hope to God this works ,tbf though the kangertech coils don’t seem to give as much flavour as the aspire Atlantis did , i have to put a needle through the cotton and coils in order for the juice to soak through fast enough , so I can imagine with theses two factors in mind it could be the cause of my issue

That could definitely be a contributing factor, but 50/50 is not a very thick juice though…

You could also try what Dave suggested, and mix it at 10% - overflavoring can be a weird thing…

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Yeah I think I’m going to replicate what Dave did when I get back on just make a small 10ml bottle and test that , aswell as shaking the crap out of the concentrate and nic :smile: I’ll update with my findings later, Thanks for the help guys :smile:


Hey guys, so I did copy the mix Dave did and shook the hell out of nic and concentrate and also let it steep for about 10hrs while i slept , woke up this morning and the taste is a little bit present but not full on like you said Dave, its irritating because it spoils the whole “first experience” of pinkman lol what exactly is it supposed to taste like guys? Lol

Thats really strange how it isnt tasting right, with my mix i found it quite strong. Its a really fruity flavor and i seem to find a hint of anaseed somewhere in there.

Out of curiosity could you post a pic of your bottle of concentrate as mine was quite dark. Me and the mrs found the concentrate smelled like undiluted blackcurrent juice

And could u pop a pic of your mixed bottle too here is a pic of mine mixed please excuse the left over label bitslols

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Just an out of the box idea is the pinkman u got definitly a concentrate ?
I am wondering if you ordered or got sent the pinkman already mixed then when you mix it its diluting it down possibly.

Are you able to say where you got the pinkman from at all

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Yeah I’m not getting any of that taste, if anything a faint sherbet lemon in places but nothing distinct Dave , here is the pics as requested buddy, I think we got our concentrate from the same place but not sure (vampire vapes), I have created a separate topic regards to my mod as I want to know if anyone elese is experiencing flavour issues with this particular mod (kangertech subox mini using OCC 0.5ohm coils)

Your recipe mix I did this morning:

My earlier mix of 50/50 with 15% flavour

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Yeah same place i am just about to order 100ml of it lol

Strange as both yours look fine to me mate.
Where abouts in the world are you ?

If you are in the uk i could send you a 10ml of mine and see if you get the same taste from it that way it rules out the concentrate

Are all your other mixs ok with other flavors ?

Yeah I am in the UK dude :slight_smile: erm…we could try that by all means but I did replicate your recipe you posted above and we got the concentrate from the same place so I’m starting to think it’s my mod, or possibly coils (hence posting a separate topic regards to this, I can tag you if needed ) I’m still on the water to rule out vapers tongue but no luck as of yet mate.

Regards to other flavours, I switched from the aspire atlantis cf sub ohm mod to kangertech subox mini and instantly notice a flavour difference but nothing as dull as I when I make my own juice which is the weird thing lol.

Could the pg or vg be dodgy maybe just trying to rule out things
I bet its frustrating for you lol