Placing an order soon, need suggestions

I’ll be placing my first order with Nicotine River soon (very excited btw). I plan on purchasing their starter kit, plus a few extra. What I’m hoping to get are some suggestions as far as the flavor lineup (15) that I’m making a list for. My two main goals are making a cereal juice and to also give it a go at making a “banana pudding-cheesecake” dessert juice. Cereals are extremely popular around my area, especially with premium juices like Teleos, Kilo etc… After doing some research, I’ve got a list of about 30 different flavors that I’ll eventually try, but for now, I wanted to run the main ones by everyone and see where I stand.

Vanilla Pudding (FLA)
Cinnamon Crunch (FLA)
Meringue (FA)
Ripe Banana (TPA)
New York Cheesecake (CAP)
Vanilla Custard v1 (CAP)
Graham Cracker v1 (CAP)
Banana Cream (TPA)
Dairy Milk (TPA)
Banana Cream (TPA)
Cotton Candy (TPA)

As far as cereals go, what seems to be the “go to” choices? I’m considering…

Fruit Circles (TPA)
Berry Mix (TPA)
Berry Blend (FLA)
Fruit Rings (FW)

Side note…
“Banana Pudding/Cheesecake” recipe included for reference and suggestions. My apologies for the long post.


One of my fav 'nana vapes is…

but usually sub nana cream tpa in @ same %


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Here’s my take on it and I’ll be honest.
I always recommended the NR starter kit as it included 250ml nicotine (freebase or salt, 48mg), 500ml VG and 500ml PG or 2 of each whatever you liked. Plus the 15 flavorings that were every brand available on the platform.

This did change a couple months ago, and the contents of the kit have been reduced, now its cheaper to just buy things separately especially if you’re going to mix by weight and would to purchase an additional scale.

When it comes to cereals its just that damn popular strawberry vape everyone wants and then some, however in most cases you can’t go wrong with strawberry but you sure can do very wrong with cereal bases. There’s barely any out there that are acceptable and all of them need support from at least 3 or more flavoring, you end up buying additionally again.

Sure you will always buy flavoring but if you’re setting yourself up with a flavor profile even year long veterans are struggling with, you might end up very disappointed and wasting hard earned money. I recommend looking at simple basic categories and recipes, they might be boring but you will learn how to diy from there, as well as later on layering different flavors to create your own cereal base.

I’m not telling you what to do of course but I think it would benefit you much more if you do a forum search for beginner list of flavors. Most of these flavors are so versatile that you could create 500 different flavor profiles and experience the fun of diy, instead of sticking with just banana and cereal, that might not turn out well at all.

Edit: whatever you decide I think NR has still the new customer coupon available, its not a huge discount but helps, just make sure you don’t drop under $50 if you want to avoid shipping. Code if still valid should be “welcome” if I remember that correctly.


fruit circles TPA wld be my last choice , grab some Capella Silverline Fruit circles ( rings ) keep the FW fruit rings , and the TPA berry crunch , like cinnamon toast crunch grab Flavorah cinnamon crunch

is FLA flavorah ???

Thanks for the input, I do appreciate it.
I was just about to “hit the books” and research more recipies. I’ll go from there.

The whole kit-thing seems like a good thing, but most of that stuff, I likely won’t use as I’m more apt to buy what I need at the time. But again, I’ll revisit that as well. Thanks for the heads up on the code!


i started with a Liquid barn kit and never used any of the plastic mixing crap , but i dont regret buying it , although 100 dollars after shipping would get me 10x the stuff the kit has and avoid the stuff that you wont use

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Yes, my bad…

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You can add another flavour to your list because you listed banana cream TPA twice so you only have 14 flavours in your list :wink:

edit I replied to the wrong person here, was supposed to reply to @Vapin_Dude :face_with_head_bandage:

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@Vapin_Dude Although I did buy TPA Ripe Banana I stopped using it due to some concerns about Triacetin, and reactions with plastic. All the rest look great !!!

I would cancel Banana Ripe tfa and add Milk and Honey flv, Butterscotch Ripple fw and maybe Cinnamon Custard rf.

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That one is already gone. Caught that after doing further research.
Thanks for the heads up.

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Buy 30ml of everything they have. Once you really get into this craft, you will buy it all anyway


@R113 I may very well have to.
I’m already caught up just with possibilities!