Plano Stowaway - Flavor Storage

I am getting sick of having my flavors in a plastic box with no labeling it takes a long time to sort out what I need. I have been looking at the Plano Stowaway boxes and I was wondering if anyone else had bought some and know the best size to get to store the 10 ml plastic bottles I normally get for my flavors. I also have a couple 30 ml bottles but mostly the 10ml.

There are a ton of different sizes so I was hoping someone had already went though the trouble of trying them out. Otherwise I am going to be the odd one at the sporting store with a bottle of juice trying to fit it into Plano boxes.


Take a look at the 24 compartment unit. Being compartment size is adjustable by where you place the separators you can do both 30 and 10ml I imagine…

See what I have done. These are 4oz flavor bottle. I just did not use all the separators so I only had 8 compartments. Very versatile…


Oh yeah I am jealous of your set up that is for sure. I saw it on another post. After pulling out all 75 flavors I had last night to mix I know for sure that it needs to be covered I can’t handle that much smell all the time! I am small time I mix at my computer desk lol.

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Been thinking about something like this.


There’s a good thread here:

My contribution was this:

It’s extremely effective!


That’s a nice setup @ringling! I wish I had a space to do that!


That is exactly why I built this set up. I couldn’t even stand to be in the same room with all these flavor bottles. The caps most definitely do not keep the smell down. This worked amazingly well to cut the odor !!!


Great idea dreamersword. I used washed used butter tubs and Cool Whip tubs all with snap on lids. I have 3 in use now and not that many flavors. The real small size flavors are kept in sealed plastic bags.

Let us know how it works out if you get it.

I totally like this a lot…if I had my own space…this is how I would Utilize it…:+1::+1:

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Once I get them which won’t be until next pay check I will post some pictures. I am so using daath spread sheet numbering system to keep my sanity!

Sanity is so over rated…lol

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I use a nail polish shelf on the wall. Idk. I only mix for myself and have mostly small bottles so the smell doesn’t bother me.

it gets to me! Won’t want this when I am trying to sleep it is over powering

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I have all mine in a hallway nook, so I only ever smell it when I walk by.

And every time I do, it makes me wanna mix somethin up! :stuck_out_tongue:


numbering my bottles was a huge sanity saver I have a list in one note that has the flavor and the bottle number of each flavor should have done that a long time ago!

Mine are in a shoe box in a filing cabinet drawer kinda ghetto but works for me for now

Built this out of 1x1’s and card board less than $7.00 including screws. Oh my bad, I glued it together, no screws

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I was looking at those, too, until I realized my wife was not using this:

So, I repurposed it. Working out pretty well, but the 2oz plus bottles are making me have to rethink keeping my scale in there… I have no numbering system, just generally remember where I place my flavors.


I had bought these cookie tins for christmas I added a piece of styrofoam and cut out the holes with a hole saw. I just heated the hole saw and by hand cut through the styrofoam. On the inside of the top of the tin I put the labels of my flavors. I have more then one tin.
When I mix up my juices I just lay the tops of the tins out and from them I know where to find my flavor.
I always put it back in the tin before I grab the next one. Helps keep it organized