Plastic containers

When i first started mixing i was disappointed with the results after bottling a shaking, leaving the top of, shaking some more etc etc
Then I started to use a very small plastic jug so i can use a milk frother to create plenty of air bubbles. Now this worked excellently.
Now using the regular plastic bottles is out of the question because obviously the milk frother wont fit inside it.
Now to make several batches of different flavours I will have to use something else so the question is would using small food storage containers be ok in a sense of would the plastic affect the flavour ?

Whenever I am making something new I use four ounce mason jars. Can make up to 60ml with the frother without it spilling over the sides. Its both wide enough for your frother and has ample surface area for flavorings that need to breathe before bottling. I much prefer glass over plastic any day of the week.

Hope this helps.


this thing is amazing…fits perfectly into 30ml bottles


After @quitter1 posted his, I pulled the whisk part out of my frother and twisted some wire into a little whisk shape that fits down in my bottles…even ones with tiny necks. Works like a charm. :smile:


I am with you on that. It seemed regardless how much I washed and rinsed, there was just too much carryover of aroma. I figure if I can smeel it, I can taste it.

Never a problem with glass.

I use a few plastic bottles for carrying around, but each is dedicated to a specific flavor profile.

Stepping down off the soapbox now.

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